You Can Now Make Money Online With Adsense Matched Content Unit

If your blog have been approved for Matched Content, you can now generate revenue by allowing ads to appear alongside recommended content that display in a matched content unit on your blog.

According to a post on Adsense blog, the relevant ads will appear within your Matched content unit, and will be styled to complement the look and feel of your content.

How To Allow Ads In Your Matched Content Unit

If you'd like to show ads in your Matched content unit, you can turn on the "Allow ads" feature when you create or edit a Matched content unit. You can read how to create a matched content unit here.

Please note that by opting in to this feature you agree to let Google try out different ad types and ad sizes in your Matched content unit. Google will only show ads when they're likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.

Below is an example of a Matched content unit showing ads and recommendations. The ads have a "Promoted" label.

ads in adsense matched content unit

Additionally, you should be aware that:

  • Ads will show only when appropriate ads are available.
  • Ads will replace some of the recommendations in your Matched content unit.
  • Smaller Matched content units with only one recommendation slot will not show ads.
  • Ads will be styled to complement the look and feel of your content recommendations.
  • The AdSense program policies will still apply to Matched content units with ads.
  • You can track the revenue generated by the ads in your Matched content unit by viewing the Ad units report on your Performance reports tab.
  • Matched content units don’t count towards your Google content ad limit per page, but only one monetized Matched content unit (i.e., with "Allow ads" turned on) is allowed per page.


  1. Bro, how can I apply for the matched content ads with my site?

    1. Do you have an approved AdSense account?

  2. okay it works with adsense account i thought it was an alternative to adsense.

  3. Bro jide you don't reply me.. On bbm

  4. Mr Jide Ogunsanya please can you help with approved google Adsence account, am ready to buy it now,

    Email me here or

  5. I thought it was an alternative to AdSense. Mtchwuuuu

  6. If someone have an approved AdSense account how can he apply for the matched content ads?

  7. I have always known that they will monetize the Matched content thing. Anyways, still waiting to be approved.

  8. Thanks as usual, am going to check if works better then I might remove from my sites.

  9. hello mr jide i own a blog an hv been aprove by adsence bt i cant see my earnings in my dashboard

  10. Helo Sir Jide,
    i have created a natch content ads and placed it but its still showing normal ads.....what can i do to stop it is the blog


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