Blog Of The Week : Seasoned Life Journal

Seasoned Life Journal has emerged as the blog of the week.

This is the sixth blog to be showcased on this blog for FREE since I started the "Blog of the Week" series. Arsenal NewsPaper, Maverick Excel Blog, Naija Single Girl BlogTrend Living Blog and  Dobby's Signature are the first, second, third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Seasoned Life Journal is a personal development/Inspirational blog that is focused on Intentional living, personal leadership and fulfillment. If you are passionate about your dreams and goals and you need guidance to bring them to reality, this is the blog you need.

You will be exposed to practical timeless principles to help you develop clarity, build working system around your passion and deliberately produce consistent results in your business, family, Job, etc.

Abraham Ologundudu is the founder of Seasoned Life Journal. He is a personal development strategist, writer, speaker and trainer.

He helps passionate individuals like you to develop effective personal leadership in other to lead your life to fulfillment.

With his guidance you will begin to maximise your potential, intentionally attract your desired success and ultimately live your dreams.

Check out the blog at : www.seasonedlifejournal.com

You can connect with Abraham via the links below:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ologunduduopeoluwa
Twitter: (@Iamoabraham)
Instagram: @Iamoabraham

What's your take on this?

Feel free to recommend interesting blogs I can feature as the "blog of the week".

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  1. Nice blog bro...

    Thanks bros ogbonge for this free offer.

    Do hope for our blog to be one of your blog of week.

    ( Technology blog & free browsing @ Techsvibe.com )

    1. Ologundudu...the name really sound familiar. Gonna take a look at your blog and see how it goes. Though am sure it won't be a disappointment since Ogbonge could feature it here.

      Nice brother.

      Here are my twins blogs



      Let me quickly take a look at your blog.

    2. Hello Ella.

      Thanks for the compliment.

  2. when will a tech blog emerge as the weeks blog winner, really waiting for the time


  3. @jide i was wondering what my blog doest to you not to be listed after numerous attempts.

  4. Hoping mine will be among the list of Tech blog to be show case on blog of the week check it out


  5. Feature http://www.diaryofanabujamom.com as blog of the week

  6. Cool...www.biafragist.blogspot.com

  7. You're doing a good work, but i think you should also take a look at this Nigerian blog that uses International standard www.doronize.com Contact the owner and feature it.

  8. Hi Abraham

    Congratulations. Your blog is worth the mention. You have shared so much insight on your blog.

    Hi Jide. Thumbs up brother and thanks for sharing Abraham's blog. Take care

    1. Hi Ikechi!

      I am glad to be mentioned here. All thanks to Jide Ogunsanya. Thanks for being a follower of my blog. Your comments are very encouraging

  9. Nice blog

    I do hope I am gonna be featured next. Study4free.com.ng

    Scholarship related blog

  10. Thank you for sharing my blog with your audience. I am glad because this exposure will afford more persons to access the value and solution I offer.

    I appreciate the gesture.

    1. Check my blog and tell me what you think


  11. Just took a look at his blog now. What a nice blog he got

  12. Hi Jide,
    This is a great way to encourage upcoming bloggers,its a nice concept, i love it, please keep it up.

  13. This is great! Another way of helping people reach places.
    Bro Ogbonge, you can also check out www.oldnaija.wordpress.com , it's a website based on Nigerian histories, cultures, tourism, current affairs and Nigerian lifestyle in the 70s... Thank you!

  14. I hope mine will be considered

  15. nice one, I hope mine will make the next list www.techribs.com

  16. yah awesome blog... love it

    i blog at www.safaxnet.com

  17. I must Confess Jide is really doing a nice job in the blogging sphere. He is trying his possible best to promote bloggers.
    Good job Mr Jide, God Bless you.

  18. Make una see me here too o, lol



    it cool jawe..

    commenting from Tricksbar

  19. A great way of encouraging upcoming bloggers. Thumbs up Jide.

    Please consider my website also GospelBreed.com Its a website for gospel music & educative relationship lovers.


  20. You are doing a fab job boss. May God increase you daily.


  21. Congrats Abraham for the award, your blog has really inspired a lot of people. Jide i give kudos to you for the well done job of discovery great blogs. i must commends and congratulate Awazie Ikechi for the light he has been showing to the world. his blog has been my major source of inspiration and i strongly believe soon my blog www.austinemedia.com will get recognition and be feature in the next top blog of the week. Bravo my comrades!!

  22. Seasoned life Is great..
    perfect design and content..

  23. Ogbonge check out this one


  24. Hello, I would be happy if you read my blog


    I blog about data science/machine learning. This is one of the most exciting topics in the world right now and I hope you'll like it. Thank you.

  25. Anonymous6/04/2016

    Hi Jide. It's been nice following your blog and seeing all the nice things you are doing. I also bookmarked a growing blog: www.changesquad.blogspot.com it's a really nice site to... Do well to feature it...

  26. Nice blog you got, Abraham. How I wish my health blog could also feature on this platform Mr Jide created for us. My blog is www.soundhealthdoctor.com. You won't be disappointed, I assure you.

  27. i hope mine will be advertise here one day nice blog you got


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