Spaceship by Konga Helps You Warehouse Your Products and Manages Delivery Of Your Orders Nationwide

In a bid to ensure a seamless flow in delivering orders to customers, Konga have come up with a unique service for Konga mall merchants called Spaceship by Konga. Hence, you can now sell on Konga from anywhere in Nigeria without having to worry about how to get your products to Konga drop off center every time you have a new order to fulfill.

spaceship by konga logistics service

If you own a Konga store, the Spaceship by Konga service will provide warehousing for your products and also manage the delivery of your orders nationwide. To drive this service, Konga is in partnership with XL express and Logistics ltd ( ).

Benefits of Using Spaceship by Konga

According to the article on Konga seller academy, below are the benefits of using Spaceship by Konga:

  1. The warehousing service will enable you save the transportation cost you always incur whenever you want to fulfill an order at a drop off center.
  2. You can easily manage the inventory stored with the warehouse service provider with a mobile app. This will help you ensure you restock on time so you don’t run out of business.
  3. The warehousing service ensure your products are safe and secured. Your products are fully insured.
  4. With the warehousing service, you have faster fulfillment of orders and payment remittance.
  5. With the warehousing service your returned item is immediately re-stocked in your inventory.

konga warehousing service for konga mall sellers

How Do I Get Started With Spaceship by Konga?

To get started, you will have to contact XL Express and Logistics. Thereafter, you will fill form, pay for the warehousing plan that suits your store and arrange for goods to be shipped to XL warehouse. Once payment is confirmed, the warehousing provider will confirm your inventory and activate your account.

If you want to subscribe to spaceship by Konga, kindly note that rental cost for the Konga warehouse space starts from N3,000 per month for a cubicle (10.8m x 10.8m x 10.8m).

You can check out the Konga warehousing subscription plans and contact details of XL express and Logistics ltd here.

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Eze said…
This is a nice initiative from Konga
Song said…
I think Konga should do a massive advertising on this so that Many Nigerians will know about this initiative.