Blogger Blog Displaying "This Site Can't Be Reached?" Try This...

For over a week now, some Nigerian bloggers using custom domain for their Blogger blogs have been complaining that they are unable to view their blogs, that most times, their blogs display "This Site Can't be reached. The Connection was reset". I personal experience this and I can tell you, it's quite frustrating.

site cant be reached blogger blog

Well, with my findings so far, it has to do with the network you are using for internet connection. As at the time of publishing this post, the culprit is Etisalat Nigeria.

Up till this moment, I find it difficult viewing this blog on my iPhone, in which I tried Etisalat data plan but the same blog opens fine on my laptop, Android, Blackberry and iPad which all make use of glo data plans for internet access.

So, if you're experiencing same problem and you are using Etisalat for your internet connection, just know you are not alone. There are many Etisalat users experiencing same shit. So, you might have to try other networks pending the time Etisalat resolves the issue.

Are you experiencing same problem? If Yes, which network are you using?


  1. Anonymous4/01/2016

    I experience the same problem o. But on my MTN. i have enough data and good network but some times i try accessing some sites via my samsung browser and i get the 'the site can't be reached' stuff

  2. I have not experienced it on my Glo here o but Timothy kept complaining about this.

  3. Anonymous4/03/2016

    I'm experiencing the same problem on my mtn line

  4. I experienced such and even had to send you a tweet about the issue, but I think the situation has been brought under control.

  5. Airtel did the same rubbish last two weeks.


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