Free eBook : AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement

The Adsense team has created AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement to help bloggers lay the foundation to a winning engagement strategy.

In the guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to help your audience become familiar with your brand
  • Best practices to design user journeys
  • How to develop content that resonates with your audience
  • Ways to make your content easy to consume
  • Why you should share the love with other sites by referring to good sources
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To help keep your audience engaged, get your free copy of the AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement.


prosper noah said…
Jide please where is the download link? You dint give a link to that.
Sassyanne said…
Nice bro
David Okafor said…
Add Mr to that Jide, he is married and is to be respected @ Prosper Noah, Mr. Jide, please is the adsense guide in pdf format?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Click the last link in the post.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
lol @ Mr Jide. Yes, the manual is in odf format.
The guide will be useful for those who value their audience, not for those who only are after ad clicks..
prosper noah said…
O sorry Mr. Jide, i never thought of that.

Thanks for reminding me David.

Mr. Jide please can you take a review of my blog?
>> am new on the blogging platform, any Improvement i need to make? What am missing? Thanks alot for your immediate feedback in advance.
Victor Kachi said…
I will live to read this.

Adesoji Awobajo said…
Hmmmm, Nyc 1 sir, saw something like this on the Adsense page, but didn't take it serious until now. Its cool sha, engaging audience!

I blog at
Gabriel said…
Thanks bro for sharing, but na traffic I want. AdSense no dey pay without traffic. E go better make you feature my blog as Blog of the Week.

Motivation, they say, doesn't last, so is bathing. That's why you need it every day. Visit this page for your daily dose of inspiration!
Elev Best said…
Thanks sir...
It's really a must read for me

Boss of Tricksbar
Hmm, AdSense maintains their standard. Love it shaa.

I blogs at
Thank boss. Exactly what I need right now.
Adsense just approved my application two days ago. I think this will be helpful. I still don't know why my ads are not showing up till now... My blog is please review it sir
saidu aliyu said…
THANKS BOSS.... from
prosper noah said…
Mr. Jide you're really a blogger to keep an eye on. Great job, the ebook is very informative especially the last part of it that i found more interesting, since i already had the knowledge of how to open, create and publish, adding labels and more.

That would be very helpful for newbies you know?

Thanks alot for the great job well done.
Basicloaded ng said…
Gona run through it


Wizy said…
Tenx jide. Its nice and interesting.
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Anonymous said…
Nyc blog bro
Marx Oduogu said…
its been long oo my boss, keep up the good job here.
mubarak aminu said…
this ebook will help us wtitha much better idea on how to get ads that are rich in user engagement
Nife Conga said…
Pls sir what width can i change my awesome inc to like dat of lindaikejisblog both left/right etc
s_cally said…
Mr. Jide you are indeed an awesome blogger! Have really learnt a lot from you. I'll hereby try to follow the trail you left in helping fellow bloggers.
Orosun said…
Thanks for sharing this Mr Jide
Cant wait to read this and try the tips out