Shocking!! See What I Earned From Domainking Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways I make money online in Nigeria. It allows me to earn commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products or services. Whenever I promote a product to others, I earn a piece of the profit for each sale that I make.

Ever since launched in Nigeria, I have been promoting their services especially to those looking for where to buy domain names in Nigeria and where to get cheap web hosting in Nigeria.

According to the affiliate monthly referrals report I received from DomainKing yesterday, I have referred 599 customers so far but my earnings is just N1 "change" (Nigerian currency), not even $1. lol

Below is the screenshot :

Is it really possible to refer 599 customers and not earn anything? I even wonder how a transaction can be 'Pending" since 2015 and not "Cancelled".

What's your take on this?

Feel free to also share your experience with web hosting affiliate marketing programs.


Lolzz.... I give up. I can't even promote Jumia or Konga on my blog, there commissions are so so paltry.

Chibuzor Aguwa said…
Lmao...this got me rolling om the floor.
David Akinwale said…
Jumia and konga are damn disappointing
Chai, and i was thinking of promoting referrals. Chai, man pikin don suffer o.
Boluwatife...Promoted WhoGoHost one time.. Got 2 visitors and one converted. Payed 7000 & I got 1050

That's still fair, As for a these nonsense programs esp Jumia & Konga I don't promote their products... My fb friends been crying since 1970 on how those guys are cheating.

Can't take that chance.
I do promote Konga affiliate, but my account payment has been pending since 2014. What a country
Hehehe, this is nothing but a dedicated scam..

i remembered when you are affiliating Domain king, this is one of the reason i don't come closer to Nigeria affiliate
Anonymous said…
With all the comments here, am beginning to be discouraged. If jumia and konga dey f UP who come remain
Jide Ogunsanya said…
You mean you've not received any payment since 2014?
Waoh! This is indeed shocking, Jide you've really tried for them. But I feel this is a mistake, please contact them immediately. I referred just one user and I got N500. You 599? It doesn't make sense...Terrible
Honestly, this is a practical example of Open stealing. . .
This is what they do, and end up screaming out that Nigerian bloggers aren't supporting them.
Fouad said…
Sorry about that bro.

But wait oo ... The way you guys are complaining about Jumia and Konga is surprising.

I've seen bloggers give testimonies.
Chidera Henry said…
dat affiliate program is nonsense
Paul Samson said…
Thats really crazy... Oga Jide we need to talk, i came up with something fantastic and its working right now... Kindly reply if you see my mail.
Hadharm Hiidee said…
This is ridiculously very low. And this is why I like testing affiliate program before using them for long. I know of 3 people I refer by myself, sending them to domainking banner i placed on my blog but fortunately nothing was recorded in my affiliate account.
DomainKing.NG said…
Hi Everyone,
I am from DomainKing.NG

We have gone through the above post about our affiliate program, and we have tried to clarify all the issues & doubts at:

I hope this clarify all your doubts. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you have queries.

Best Regards,
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Are you sure that the N500 is not the N500 which domainking now credits the accounts of new affiliates?
DomainKing.NG said…
Can you give me details of your DomainKing.NG account like: Email/username. I will send you detailed analysis of your affiliate account earnings. It

seems your referrals that you mentioned ordered domain names instead of hosting account from our website. Please note we only offer affiliate commission for

hosting sales and there is no commission for domain names currently. We do plan to bring domain affiliate program soon but currently we only offer commission

if someone buys a hosting plan from your affiliate link. In the meantime, if you plan to sell domain names to your clients or website visitors, can signup as

our reseller and resell the domains for profit.

Regarding affiliate account, once you give me your account details, I can give you better idea of your affiliate earnings and referrals.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Best Regards,
Kate Smith said…
Nah this kind method Konga used for me. I personally ordered for 9 phones with deeplink generator abi nah generation them they call am self, them no gree pay me my commission too. I don ban them since self. Bro jide, I feel for you too sha.. 1Naira lol. #Change
Uche Francis said…
Thought I was alone on this. Same thing is happening to me now.

Sofar, I've referred about 119 visitors to DomainKing using this DomainKing promo post on my blog and as we speak, my earning is still N1.

I must say, shit do happen with all this affiliates.

As for Konga and Jumia, am seeing their hand work full time. Instead of working on promoting their affiliate programs, Jumia will go back door to host top bloggers and further pay them substantially for posts with false testimonies on their blogs.
Well, I have referred just 4 and I have earned N1,150. I think it's a mistake from them. Well am not after their affiliate but I love their support service as a whole.

If you need a verified US Google Adsense account, you can holla me on whatsapp 08062485858 or email

It's just 5k per account. You get a preview on your blog/site before paying.
Tunde Sanusi said…
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Osundare Toheeb said…
Alexander i disagree. The same thing happened to me Jide. i removed their affiliate links and banners long time ago
John Onwuegbu said…
Affiliate marketing can be a pain in the butt! Many scammers are on the loose.
ayeni tolulope said…
This is an arrant nonsense from domainking. How the hell can you refer 599 people and none of them was abled to complete there transaction. Its either there affiliate system is not working or it was a scam.
Anonymous said…
I have been an affiliate at domain king I referred 119 persons....o DONT know if that #500 I see in my available commission is my earning
Well, I referred topeorekoya and after that I saw N500 in my account. If they give N500 bonus for new signups then maybe it's yet to reflect in my account.
Uthman saheed said…
Hahaha....Do you think affiliate marketing is a cool way of making it in Nigeria? I have Konga, cicime, and Jumia with some available balances with them, I just abondoned them.
Anthony Ikani said…
Hi Jide,

You really hit the nail on the head with this one. There's something quite shady going on with the domain king affiliate program.

I earn quite a lot from a number of Nigerian affiliate programs on a regular.

Hence my surprise when after referring 253 "registered member" I only had N300 to my name!

I have no idea what is up, but it can't be good. I have since removed all links and banners pointing to domain king from my blog.

What do you think could be wrong?

Anthony Ikani
Well, I was able to withdraw N1,150 from my referral account from Domainking.

I think the main issue is how many of those people actually are using domain king.

In my own case, only 3 people are using domainking. That was why I was able to accumulate the N1,150.

You can send them a mail at

thanks for revealing to us so that we wont go into things that is not profitable
Balogun Mahmuod said…
Its not only Nigerian affiliate that does that. I use CJ affiliate and I've had about 2000 impressions, yet $0 in my account.
Anonymous said…
so what affiliate program can someone sign unto, because all this reports are scaring.
Classic said…
What a amazing earning domain king badt gan
My own problem with domain king is big, you cant transfer accounts evn when you pay for it and one social media strategist is using them to scam people. My experience with them has not been so pleasing, just hope they change their attitude soon.
Emmanuel OSUNDE said…
They are all scams after two years of promoting konga I got nothing
My only hope is on my Google ads
Pls visit my blog