The Adsense Privacy Policy Generator I Use and How To Use it (Videos)

make blog privacy policy for adsense

Google Adsense requires that all publishers have a privacy policy page on their blogs that informs visitors specifically about the use of cookies and log files to customize their advertising experience. If you apply for Google Adsense without having this page on your blog, your application will not be approved.

Drafting a page that contains all the required content for Adsense Privacy policy ain't easy but by making use of an online blog privacy policy generator, you can easily generate your own Privacy Policy that fills all of the requirements of Google Adsense.

I've uploaded a video to my YouTube channel that explains how to generate privacy policy page's content.

There is another video that explains how to create privacy policy page in blogger and how to add a tab to the Blogger navigation bar which links to the privacy policy page.

I hope these helps.

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  1. You are always ready to share. Even this sound strange to me right now, i know that someday i would visit your archive for this post..

  2. Interesting...

    I actually used another privacy policy generator for my blog Privacy Policy and it worked fine.

    Glad to know there is one in particular that could be recommended for AdSense users.

  3. Thanks oga Jide, have been looking for this since God knows when for my blogger blog.

  4. Nice YouTube video...I own a blog ( but am having problems getting approval on Adsense they keep telling me your site does not comply with there policy or webmaster tools and stuff's....any advice on what to do.and please help me check my site looking forward to hearing from you soon.thank you

  5. Thanks for sharing this Mr. Jide. TermsFeed is also a kind which is more flexible in setting up... I have been recommending it for people and been getting thumb ups

  6. Anonymous11/02/2016

    Nice one bro....but whenever I apply for AdSense.... D reply I always get is insufficient content...

  7. Thanks Bro... It worked fine on my Blog

  8. Sir please, is it also necessary to have a terms of Service page in Order to get Google adsense will approval


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