How I Fund My GT Bank Dollar MasterCard

Earlier, I shared info on how you can get dollar MasterCard at GTBank Nigeria.

In this post, I want to quickly share with you, how to transfer money to Guaranty Trust Bank Dollar Master Card. Funding the card is quite easy. I fund mine via the GurantyTrust Bank Internet Banking or by making use of the GTBank mobile app.


  • Sign in to your GT Bank Internet banking dashboard
  • Click on "Account Transfers"
  • Click on "Own Account Transfer"
  • Select your GTBank dorm account from the "From" drop-down
  • Select your dollar card account number from the "To" drop down
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Click "Submit"

fund gtbank dollar mastercard

Press the white button on your GTbank token device and type the transaction code generated in the space provided to approve the transfer.

If successful, the amount transferred will reflect in the balance of the GTBank dollar card account.

That's all.

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  1. At what rate mostly?? Official price??

    1. No rate or price is involved in moving dollars from dollar domiciliary account to the dollar card account.

    2. Oga Jide.
      Please kindly give us information on how to fund domiciliary accounts without buying dollars directly from the bank (due to their high rates) e g buying from BureauDeChange Agents.
      Does CBN still allow the operations of BDC agents?
      If yes, please give contacts of some "licensed" BDC agents that one can reach for foreign currency purchases.
      Kindly respond, thanks.

  2. Is there any additional charge on moving the cash from your dorm account to your card?

  3. Oga Jide thanks for this information

  4. Anonymous7/13/2016

    Can use the ussd code for the token generation?

  5. GT bank is still the best bank in nigeria..

  6. am confused. Is your domiciliary account not the dollar account? if i pay in money into my dollar domicilary account {cos i also have dom accounts in euro and pounds}, the dollar mastercard being issued to me; is it not directly linked to the card? as long as there is money in my dom account, shouldnt the card automatically debit my dom account? the above article is for people like u that created another account aside from your dorm account abi am i mistaken?

    1. GTBank created separate account for my dollar card. So, i transfer from my dorm to the dollar card's account whenever I want to fund the card. So, whatever I transfer to the card's account is what reflects on the card's balance.

  7. Thanks so much. How do i fund my domiciliary account? Can i fund using my gtbank internet banking as well or am i buying dollar from the abokis then deposit into my domiciliary account?

    1. If you blog or into any internet business that pays into accounts, use the dorm to receive your payments else buy dollar notes from abokis and deposit them in your dorm account.

  8. Please i still cannot find the mastercard drop down on own account transfer. How long does it take to be in the acct?

    1. Anonymous2/19/2017

      Mine didn't show till I chatted customer care on their live chat n it was rectified

  9. Please I want to open a dom account. What bank is the best. With regards to exchange rate, charges etc. Tnx

  10. Anonymous3/18/2017

    Enter your comment...Please, I am in need of this dollar master card but what confused me is the issue of this dollar account. apart from the Gtbank account I already have, should I open another account before I start using the dollar card?


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