Dlvr.It Stopped Posting To Your Facebook Timeline? Here Is How I Reconnected It

Promoting and sharing my blog posts on social networking sites is very important to me as those sites create a ‘ripple effect’ which drive valuable traffic to my blog. But sharing blog posts on all such sites is time consuming. But why bother when this process can be automated?

Well, dlvr is one of those tools I use to automate the process. It simply makes it easy for me to auto-post updates from my blog to Facebook groups, Pages, Timeline and other social networks.

Yesterday, while trying to use the "Automate" feature of dlvr.it, I discovered that dlvr have stopped posting latest updates from my blog to my Facebook Timeline.

dlvr social media automation tool

Whenever I check the "Socials" list, I keep seeing "This social has not been able to connect". And if I click on the "Reconnect" tab, I get redirected to a page where I see "Not an administrator" error message.

dlvr auto post to sociam media

I re-attempted the authorization as directed in the error message but it won't just work.

I decided to try a trick and it worked for me.

So what's the trick?

Well, I set up a password for my dlvr.it account (so I can sign in without using Facebook).

Thereafter, I removed all the Facebook "Socials" and re-added my Facebook profile.

After authorization, everything returned back to normal and dlvr now automatically posts to my Facebook Profile anytime I publish a new post on my blog.

So if dlvr.it is not working for you too, try the trick.

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  1. Nice info, keep it up!!!

  2. I'm only using it to post to Twitter. Its nice utility tool

  3. bro mine is not working..only posting on my fbk timeline



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