Photos : Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg Is In Nigeria To Meet Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg arrived Nigeria yesterday, in what he claims to be his first visit to sub-saharan Africa.

According to his update on Facebook, he will be meeting with Nigerian entrepreneurs and developers and lean about the startup ecosystem in Nigeria.

His first stop was at Co-Creation Hub Nigeria ( CcHub ) in Yaba, Lagos.

Below are some photos shared by CCHub :

If you get the chance to meet him, what question will you ask him?


  1. I saw your tweets on twitter about his meeting, that totally cool. If i got the chance to meet him, i would be so speechless to ask a question.

  2. I actaully don't expect him to just visit cchub, when we actually have nairaland office in town, Jobberman office are there and many more bigger stronger arms of entrepreneurs and technology in Nigeria that utilizes technology for business exploits and web for advancement, Nigeria is not dry, there are fascinating tech hubs to visit than ccHub!!!

    1. Anonymous9/02/2016

      bad belle

  3. I won't be able to ask him any questions because there is nothing to ask....Once I have meet him, I will be filled joy.

  4. I wonder why we in Port harcourt dont get this great opportunities in the state here

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  5. Mark mark.. My man.. @Oga Jide, why u no go see am na?

  6. Great strides happening in the Tech community.

  7. I will ask him if he need the service of an entreprenure who is into online Product Marketer or Native Customer Care Representative in one of his numerous establishments.


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