Naira GTBank MasterCard Exchange Rate

On Thursday, I decided to use my GTBank ATM card to pay for Google Apps for Work just to know the current GTBank MasterCard exchange rate for international transactions. As you can see in the screenshot below, I was charged N1,749.98 for a $5 transaction i.e 350 Naira per one dollar.

So, if you are wondering how much does gtb charge when making international dollar transactions, this should give you a clue. There are even rumors that the GTBank MasterCard exchange rate today is around 400 Naira per dollar. I am yet to confirm it though.

How much were you charged when last you used your GTB MasterCard for international transactions?

If you're making money from Google Adsense and not comfortable with the unstable naira mastercard exchange rates, you can go for the Dollar GTBank MasterCard. That's what I am currently using for my international dollar transactions.


  1. My account with GTB is dormant . I think I would close it soon. N350 per dollar is just too much

    1. So you think another bank somewhere in Nigeria will exchange 1 dollar for 1 Naira for you?

  2. This is serious,

    Thanks for the information

  3. I used it yesterday for international transaction and it was N349.7 to a dollar according to the alert. Boss...its just N350 in approximation.

  4. Thanks for the information bro

    I am currently using Glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing Without paying any dime to comment and here and is blazing perfectly.

    Jide thanks this is wonderful!

  5. Elezua Brown8/07/2016

    Still good, but I still prefer using my GTBank dollar Mastercard

  6. Used it today 10/08/2016 and was charged almost 450. E pain me die.

  7. Please which card can I use to buy domain name for a new blog.

  8. Anonymous8/19/2016

    I was charged $380 yesterday August 18 2016

  9. This is what I was charged on my GT naira Mastercard today 30th Sept., 2016: NGN 24,190 to $59, which is 410 naira per 1 US dollar. This is seriously outrageous.

  10. Please, what are the requirements needed of me to open GT bank., and how to get Good MasterCard.. Please, inbox the answer quick..


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