Warble Alerts : Email Notification Tool For Tracking Twitter Hashtags, Keywords etc

Warble alerts is an alternative to Google alerts which make it easy for anyone to track Twitter keywords, phrases, #hashtags, @mentions and more. It's a perfect Twitter monitoring tool for people who don't have all day to spend on Twitter.

By making use of Warble alerts, you won't miss any important tweet regarding a particular hashtag, keyword or phrase that happen when you’re working, sleeping or just too busy. All you just need to do, is to set up an alert and the alerts get delivered to your email once a day and you can read them on any device whenever you want.

Uses of Warble Twitter monitoring Tool

  • Set up custom, once-a-day alerts for almost anything.
  • Discover new, relevant content that you might have missed otherwise.
  • Monitor brands and brand engagement.
warble alerts

Warble is free to use, integrates directly with Twitter and sign-up is easy.

To get started, go to https://warble.co

Sign in with your Twitter account and set you your alerts for free.

If you want to gain more control over the type of alerts that you receive eg exclude retweets, set up alerts for tweets in a certain; you may configure your search according to Warble’s supported operators listed on the alert creation page.

Are you using Warble alerts? Do you know alternatives to Warble?


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  2. this will be good tool for a busy person like me, definitely i will check it out and register
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