CAC Public Search Website Lets You Check Online If Company or Business Name Has Been Registered

A public search form has been integrated into CAC Nigeria online portal, to enable anyone search CAC records for registered incorporated trustees, company or business names and those undergoing business registration.

If you want to register your company or business name with CAC Nigeria, you can also use the CAC public name search portal to check if your proposed business name has been registered by someone else or not.

How To Use CAC Public Name Search Form

cac company and business name search portal

If you enter a registered company name in the CAC online search form, the search result will display the company registration number, the company name, company address and date of incorporation (registration).  

If no registered business name in CAC database contains your search term, the form will return a blank result.

If your proposed business name has not been registered, you can proceed to submit it for reservation at CAC online website.  


TechPrePro``` said…
Helpful information Jide.I was planning to get a name registered and luckily got your mail on this same subject.
Bayestein said…
Awesome Jide!!
jide said…
Thanks Jide, this was really healpful
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Anonymous said…
That data is incomplet. I couldn't find some registered local busness (some have been registered for months).
Olasupo Abideen said…
Thanks for this update Mr. Jide, the link is not going through. Kindly check sire. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Nothing ever works in Nigeria... The public search thing is always down