Blog Of The Month : EnterpriseBoom

The blog for the month of September, 2016 is Enterprise Boom; a fast growing entrepreneurship, start-up and business blog in Nigeria.

This is the seventh blog to be showcased on this blog for FREE since I started the "Blog of the week" series which I've rebranded as "Blog of the Month".

Arsenal Newspaper, Maverick Excel Blog, Naija Single Girl, Trend Living BlogDobby's Signature and Seasoned Life Journal are the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth respectively.

Enterprise Boom is a business blog in Nigeria founded by Chinedu Nwaigene on Feb. 2015.

founder of enterpriseboom nigerian business blog

He shares life time experiences and remarkable business tips on the blog. He also teaches people how to start, run, manage and grow their businesses including retail businesses and real estate.

The blog features Business Idea category which focuses on how you can start varieties of business in Nigeria at low cost. Other categories include:

  • Business Tips : Tips on how to grow and manage your business in Nigeria
  • Online Business Ideas : Ideas that include ways to make money on internet and how to grow an e-commerce business in Nigeria
  • Tech Business : This category focuses on the Nigerian tech industry with challenges facing startups businesses and top rising startups in Nigeria.
  • Career Business : This focuses on how employees can improve job satisfaction and other ways to boost your career business.

Enterprise Boom has been a good pilot when it comes to business blogging in Nigeria

Please do check out the blog at:

You can follow the blog on :

Twitter: @enterpriseboom
Facebook: Enterprise Boom

Let me have your recommendations for this blog as comment below!

Feel free to recommend interesting blogs I can also feature as the "blog of the month".

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  1. This is so beautiful as you, an established blog, are trying to help the startup blogs in Nigeria. I feel the Nigerian spirit changing...

    You can as well feature for next month.

    The blog focuses on conserving Nigeria's natural resources.

    Thank you.

  2. Cool...ild check it out.

  3. Hello, great blog inded. You can Also feature ProudlyBlog . Thanks.

  4. Enterpriseboom truly deserve to be featured on your blog sir.

    1. Write Excellently
    2. Clear and easy to understand even a layman won't complain
    3. He thinks very wide.

    I Love His Blog

  5. Replies
    1. Bros, you need to learn some more html - you hyperlinked wrongly.

      BTW, Mr. Jide check out my programming tutorials website for next month. Thanks and congratulations to Enterprise boom blog.

  6. The biggest boss ever. I want to customize my bog.
    I had contacted you before but you didn't respond to me, please help I will pay all necessary money involved.
    Thanks sir.

  7. If you like swallow my comment

  8. is good blog worth to look after for. Providing latest job opportunities in this hard economy.

  9. Nice blog there, really worth the award. I was hoping you could just check out Sound Health Doctor to feature as your next blog of the month. It's a health blog that focuses mainly on educating people about health and wellness.

  10. My one and only boss! #OgaJide.

    I think something is wrong somewhere!! This blog doesn't deserve to be the blog of the month.. Nah.. It deserves to be the blog of the Year!!

    I never knew Nigerians till own such blogs, I'm impressed.

  11. I have visited his blog like twice and i really liked it. Weldone man!

    Remarking from

  12. I love the blog new bloggers should learn from him not just displaying ads and also have quality and rich content that will make your readers keep coming...I know one day my blog. Will be featured too as the blog of the month

  13. How do one qualify for a review from you @Mr. Jide

  14. Wow. What a great post Mr Chinedu Nwaigene had on his blog. He Deserved It. I have a blog where I post on general health and wealth tips. Mr. Jide How do I qualify so my blog "Road To Success And Wellness" Can also be among the unique blogs you are featuring?

  15. Oge Jide, consider my blog because i am a BIG fan of your and i think you should feature my blog

    Have you read this? Try It Today

  16. Thanks for bringing him to a larger reader.... Its only painful that you've re-branded the "blog of the week" to "blog of the month".

    It will really take too long time to feature most of the nice blogs in Nigeria by Nigerians on ogbongeblog. How I wished other popular bloggers can extend this kindness.

  17. Hello, great blog indeed. You can Also feature

  18. Mr Chinedu of EnterPrice Boom is good. He has got good stuffs over. I do read most of his posts. Uncle Jide is the best. Promoting someones business for free no be lele. Kudos to you uncle.

    I just started like Chinedu, I write on tech tips - Android, internet and apps. Take a look at ChuksGuide. I might become next featured.

  19. Thank you for introducing it, I really like it. Also take a look at this new blog


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