How To Get Availability Code for CAC Business or Company Registration

If you've opted for online business registration at Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria website, you will need an availability code for you to be able to complete the registration process after your company or business name might have been approved by CAC.  The availability code is clearly printed on the approval note which you will have to download from the CAC portal. 

So, in this blog post, I want to guide you on steps to take to download your CAC approval note so you can get the availability code needed for the completion of your online business registration. 

How To Download CAC Approval Note

Go to CAC login portal

Click on "Sign in"

Enter your username & password and click on "Log In"

Click on "Name Search" tab

Click on "My Reservation History" tab

You will see list of your approved business names

Click on the "Action" button and click on "view payment history"

cac nigeria business name registration approval note

You will be prompted to save  the pdf file. Save it to where you can easily find it. 

Once download completes, open the pdf file. 

The serial number is your availability code. 

caca business name availability code

You can now go back to the registration tab, enter the availability code, to complete your company or business name registration. 

Kindly note that your approved business name will be reserved for 60 (Sixty) days.


Information clear and easily to follow. Corporate affairs commission is making things easier now unlike before..
Anonymous said…
Hi Jide please how can I check for availability? I got stuck at the consent code. Thanks a million.
Gabriel Iboro said…
my business name was approved which said available for 60 days, i downloaded the payment receipt,no serial number there, can i print the receipt and go straight to their office and complete the registration there?
Anonymous said…
how do I get consent code for name search?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your insightful instructions. I requested for a name search on 11th of Jan. 2017 and since then, I have been waiting for the approve letter which was not forthcoming. Disturbed for the late arrival of their report I stumbled at your site which had been very helpful. I visited their site and I saw the approved name. I downloaded the approved letter, all I could see was a blank page no approved name; serial number; reserved on or reserved till date.pls what can I do.
I check in today 17th March 2017
Afees Oyebo said…
how do i pay for Consent Code
Anonymous said…
How were you able to pass this consent code problme. I'm sto here
Anonymous said…
Thank you...
How do I get consent code?