How I Earned N47,585 From Jumia Without Selling Anything

Jumia recently launched a program for bloggers in Nigeria to earn quick money online.  I joined, did the softwork and I was able to make N47,585 from it within 5 days without selling anything and the money was paid directly to my bank account.

SoftWork? How?

No promotion of products! No banners!

I only shared my unique Jumia market sign up link on Facebook and encouraged my friends to sign up for the referral program to earn N500 instantly. That's all.

The response was massive. You know, our people like awoof money. lol ☺

earn money from jumia online shopping site


I earned N500 for signing up for the program.

I was paid N11,520 as bonus.

I was paid N35,100 for 117 verified bloggers that signed up for the program through my unique link i.e N300 per approved sign up.

59 signups were declined for reasons best known to them as captured in the screenshot below:

declined jumia market earnings

Below are the screenshots of the breakdown:

Somehow, someone also bought an item worth N46,583 via my link and I was paid N465 for that. Not bad!


35,100 + 500 + 11,520 + 465 = 47,585.

It was paid to my bank account as seen in the screenshot below:

jumia payment to gt bank account


Well, the offer has been suspended.

Sorry to those that didn't join thinking Jumia gonna scam

Nevertheless, you can still take advantage of the Jumia Market Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to make quick money within the next few days.  More details in my next post.

Did you also make money from the Jumia Market affiliate program?


  1. Anne Oluchi11/18/2016

    Am I the only one that feels that jumia affliate program is crap? How can you sell something of 45k and only get 400#? ��������. Affliate marketing in Africa is crap

    1. How much will be fair?

    2. Mr Jide I agree, that doesn't seem right. The first product I sold through my Jumia affiliate program was N40k+ And I earned more than N1k for it. I thought the minimum commission is 3% or has that changed?

  2. Affiliate programs shouldn't be suspended. I guess only a few bloggers will benefit from their recent program before folding it up. Now the would want same bloggers to keep on promoting products from their website.

    I think that's a partial siphoning. Tricking us to sign up for their program.

    1. They only suspened the N300 per referral sign up bonus.

      You can still promote their products to earn affiliate commission.

  3. Lol, Jumai sef no try ooo, N400 for good of N45,000. Sha i missed, that whats vexing me

    1. Forget that N400 commission. The N300 per sign up is the main ish. You really missed. No vex. lol

  4. thanks for the tips

  5. Nice post JIDE, but Am not happy @ all for seeing dis offer is locked..


    1. Eeyah! Sorry. I wrote about the offer on this blog when it was launched. So, always visit OgbongeBlog for updates so you won't miss such next time o.

  6. I never heard of it. Chai... See as I take miss this SoftWork.

    Learn How To Do Anything

  7. Jumia oh Jumia... (You keep on amazing me)

    Sir Jide, did I forget to tell you that somehow, something went sup and they took my N500 registration commission.

    Well that did not stop me from working with them.

    By the way, did you get a mail concerning the black friday commission level up?

  8. i no sabi wetin dey go on here ooo mr jide

  9. Thanks Bro Jide, i also have received N6,900 via Jumia per sign up of N300
    Naija Tech Blog

  10. Wow, cool, time to make some extra cash... Commenting from

  11. Wow, I missed this line o offer. But Jide, Jumia make me vex, they seized my 10K plus affiliate commission all in the name of moving to new platform.
    Am not happy with them.

    I blogs at

    1. Chai... My heart bleeds for you.

      Hope you're back on track now. I'll advice you keep the grudge away just for now and make money while stock last. Lol

  12. Hi Jide thanks in this article i understand use jumia

  13. Jide, thanks for this information you are always giving out. You are doing a lot of work, getting folks to know what's happening and also for us to tap into them on time. Though I think I missed this, but I hope for future promotions

  14. Jide the boss, update this post because people are still able to sign up and get the Jumia 500naira.
    I signed up after reading this post and Jumia approved my sign up and so on...

  15. Thank's for sharing such great money making tips, I also share some money making ideas on my blog


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