Linda Ikeji Social Network : Features, Video Demo and More

Linda Ikeji has finally launched her social networking platform - Linda Ikeji Social (LIS), which you can access at According to Linda Ikeji, LIS is simply blogging and social media combined.

At LIS, you can get breaking news, connect with friends, share memories, post updates, chat with friends etc. It's more like a combination of Linda Ikeji's blog and a social media network.

LIS is divided into sections.

Once you sign in to linda ikeji social, you will see a left sidebar where you get a personalized experience on LIS.

In the middle is the news feed where you will see breaking news. There is also a "categories" drop down there where you can select what you want to read.

Next to that is "Activities" tab where you see what people you're following are doing.

On the right of "activities" is the "deals" page and next to that is where brands can place their banners to advertise on Linda ikeji social network.

linda ikeji social network lis

According to Linda Ikeji, you can also make money on the Linda Ikeji Social Network - by submitting exclusive stories, taking part in LIS giveaways and by placing ads on your LIS business pages.

Below is a video of Linda taking about her social network - LIS

You can follow me on LIS via :

What's your take on this?


  1. Looks like it's got nice features from the way you sound. But I am yet to expirience this because of email verification issues at LIS.

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  2. This is really cool. I will like to see it better but lis verification sending GATS problem.

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  3. nice innovation linda commenting from TECHFASHY.COM

  4. You guys are right... It took me almost the day before i received the verification email too.

  5. Anonymous11/06/2016

    can only get better

  6. A Totally not expected service that works still. Thumbs Up Linda. :)

  7. God has blessed th girl, and me too. Her latest startup will mk Nigeria leave facebook soon. I mean a countable number, not all.

  8. Hopefully it doesn't crash because of too much spamming on the site tho...

  9. Hello Jide,

    This is a cool guide on what to expect from LIS.

    There's something I noticed since the launch of LIS. There are too many negative reviews about it.

    I would want to know why you choose to go the opposite direction compared to other bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing.


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