Why Are MMM Nigeria Participants Blaming Nigerian Bloggers?

On Tuesday, MMM Nigeria announced that all the accounts of members who are due to be paid after having ‘provided help’ (PH) to another person since the last month have been frozen and hence, will not have access to request for payment, known as ‘Get Help’ (GH) until after one month.

Ever since then, MMM Nigeria participants who have planned to rock "Christmas" with MMM money have been ranting on social media, blaming Nigerian bloggers for the suspension.

I even watched one video on YouTube yesterday in which one of the MMM Nigeria Guilders was cursing bloggers for been the cause of the suspension.

mmm nigeria logo

Please, why blame Nigerian bloggers if MMM Nigeria crashes?

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  1. I tire o, are we Mavrodi? They should chill jare.

  2. Nigerians and their big heads. ����

    Our big heads actually.

    Shebi dem warn una say mmm na scam. Una no hear word

    1. Mr. Warner Bros plz dont talk trash when u cant even take risk

  3. Anonymous12/20/2016

    lol..... oyamilenu, awon oloshi!! mmm byebye!!

  4. Well, I don't blame them...
    Some even said Mavrodi had made billions since he converts the megabytes people use in visiting the site to money.

  5. MMM Nigeria don finally crash be that ooo

  6. Lol most of us warned them both all they keep saying is MMM is pay oooo

  7. MMM will re-anchor by January, kill your fears. http://www.frozengate.com/

  8. Wow, this is very funny bro.


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