NOW IN NIGERIA!!! Hands-on Life-changing Practical Training Events

A global personal development company: 3-ALPHA Hub, has just launched Hands-on Life-changing Practical Training Events in Nigeria for the benefit of all Nigerians.

The events are designed to expose participants to opportunities for multiple sources of income and possible career change.

Each event entails an intensive two (2) days of practical hands-on transfer of expertise.   This sure could be your game changer to become Your Own Boss!

training on filmaking, ict and agric business in nigeria


There are three (3) events lined up for the 2017 :


You will benefit from detailed, technical insight into DSLR filmmaking that covers:
  • DSLR as an effective choice for tight budget films with no compromise on professional quality.
  • Skills to set up camera and lenses.
  • Lighting and sound recording.
  • Post-production techniques.
  • Tips on the common problems on a shoot and how to deal with them.

You can register for the digital film making training here.

training on dslr fil making business in nigeria


You will benefit from detailed, technical insight into ICT facets covering:
  • Cloud technology basics, implementation and applications.
  • Safe-city considerations and CCTV designs, implementation and key gadget configurations.
  • Call centre considerations, designs, implementation and key gadget configurations.
  • Fibre optic technology and deployment considerations, designs, implementation, cable spiting and key gadget configurations.
You can register for the ICT for career change here.

training on ict cctv business in nigeria

3. AQUAVIPONICS: Urban Agro-biz

You will benefit from detailed, technical insight into Aquaviponics that covers:
  • Complete Aquaviponics system setup along with management techniques.
  • Tilapia/Catfish fingerling production, growout and broodstock management.
  • Quail bird egg and meat production and integration in Aquaviponics system.
  • Snail production in Aquaviponics.
  • Urban Aquaviponics vegetables production techniques.
You can register for the aquaviponics urban agro biz here.

training on agric business in nigeria


For even more benefits; you may wish to explore the option of membership of the 3-ALPHA Hub. This affords you heavy discounts on all products and services along with free add-on benefits like:
  • Free Live Webinars
  • Free CV Upload
  • Free Softskill Courses
  • Discounted Leadership and Business Summits
  • Free CV forwarding and lots more. 

You can click here to become member of the 3-Alpha Hub.


It is our considered view that this package is indeed worth the while as we all reposition for the emerging opportunities. You therefore owe yourself a duty to explore the unique opportunities on offer.

See you there!


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