How To View WordPress Users Registration Dates and Time

Yesterday, while trying to sort out users of a WordPress-powered membership site, I discovered that users are displayed randomly. I couldn't figure out if they are arranged according to the date they registered on the site as the date they registered on the site wasn't displaying on the users page.

After googling for a solution, I stumbled on the Recently Registered Plugin for WordPress which simply gets the job done for me. This plugin adds a new, sortable, column to the users lists, which shows the date and time they registered. Primarily useful for site which doesn't show this at all.

So, if your WordPress website is a multi-user site, i.e. if you allow user registrations on your WordPress site then you can install the plugin if you would like to sort your users according to their date of registration on your WordPress site.

wordpress development recently registered users plugin

Kindly note that you can click the small arrow next to "Registered" to toggle the display eg from newly registered members to old members or vice versa.

I hope this helps.