Benue Tech Forum Launches On 21st Of January at Makurdi Benue State

Over the years, tech experts in various states have thought it needful to create platforms/forums that bring them together in order to share ideas for self-development as well as nation building. Those who are part of these platforms can testify of the benefits they have derived and the opportunities they have enjoyed from belonging to these platforms.

One of many of such platforms which many have benefited from is the "Start-up Friday" that offers tech innovators a platform to showcase ideas and in turn get sponsors, potential investors and customers and by implication, transforming tech ideas into full fledged and viable businesses.

Coming to Benue state, a group of tech entrepreneurs who have had a feel of the unlimited opportunities such platforms can offer and given the fact that non of such exists in the state have decided to partner with organisations such as Enspire Incubator, Network of Incubators in Nigeria, Benue State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Young Innovators of Nigeria to create the Benue Tech Forum; forum that houses ICT enthusiast, Web Designers, Programmers, Entrepreneurs and ICT Stakeholders. A platform that would eventually integrate tech users for self development, thereby creating a tech-eco system in Benue State.

benue tech forum

The Maiden Edition of the Benue Tech Forum comes up on 21st January 2017 at the Benue State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, ICT Laboratory, Opposite Benue Hotel, Makurdi.

You are invited to come be a part of this revolutionary move, a trailblazer and a pace setter to create a tech-eco system in Benue State.

You can register here

You can follow updates on social media via the hashtag : #BenueTechForum

For Details on the Program, you can check:

Instagram : @bntechforum
Twitter :  @bntechforum


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    I love you blog. Thank you for all the tips


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