Introducing ONM - Guaranteed Way to Online Income in 2017

Joe Okoro, Toyin Omotoso, Olu Aijotan, Abiodun Romiluyi, Gboyega Ademiluyi are not strange names to anyone in the online business world in Nigeria.

Yes, they are among the top internet marketers in Nigeria, no doubt. And they make good money doing this. But one thing you certainly don’t know about these folks is that, they now generate a substantial amount of their income from ONM.

I’m sure you are curious. “What again is ONM?”, “I hope it’s not another MMM in disguise.”

Be assured that ONM is not a ponzi or get-rich-quick scheme. It is a guaranteed and legitimate way of making consistent income online.

In fact, if you are here looking for how to invest in some funny online programs that will make you money overnight without doing anything, please back off. You have to work.

Like other legitimate internet business, ONM involves selling. And using the internet, you can sell large amounts of any product within a very short time and make a lot of money.

Just think of what it means if you have a product that gives you a profit of #5,000 each. Selling this to just 100 persons monthly gives you a net income of #500,000. That is impossible if you sell offline but with the internet, you can sell to hundreds of customer in a single month and make so much.

With the advent of the internet and digital marketing, you can be in your room, advertise your goods to millions around the world, order your product from the online store (with your Nigeria ATM card), and your product gets delivered to your customer via your courier company. And in that instance, the next tone from your phone is credit alert.

What business model can be easier? From running advert, to making order, to payment and delivery, all done online, without seeing your customer or the products you sell. That is simply incredible.

In 2017, one of the goals of our fast-growing team is to train serious-minded, goal-driven Nigerians, who have passion for success, to become financially free, through online marketing.

But the question is, how do you do that? How do you acquire the needed skills?

This is what Joseph Oguntola, along with 3 top internet marketers will be teaching you at a Special Event, coming up in Lagos on Saturday, 28th January 2017 and in Benin City on Saturday, 25th February, 2017.

Participation is Free but Limited ONLY to the First 100 Registered Persons.

If you have not done something like this before, it is natural to conclude that it is not possible. But your findings at the seminar will surprise you. That is a promise.

earn income online in nigeria

Register now at:

You will learn :

  • How to get hot-selling products to market?
  • How to set up the online selling system and start making money almost immediately

The training and follow-up video tutorials will also teach you:

  1. Blog Design and Set Up
  2. Catchy Landing Page Design
  3. Setting Up Auto-responder
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Online Advertisement
  6. And many more.

  7. To register for free, click this link

    Would you take advantage of this rare opportunity? The choice is yours.

    Again, welcome to 2017.


    1. Sir is this like Fiverr or what are we going to sell

      1. No, Not like fiverr. At the training, you will learn how to get hot-selling products to market and how to sell them online.

    2. Kindly thanks for This useful post .


    3. sir can we that did not attend the seminar get the materials

      1. The seminar comes up in Lagos on Saturday, 28th January, 2017, and February 25, 2017 in Benin city. It is best to attend. It is free

    4. Will the training move to other cities also or will it only be in Benin?

      1. For now, the training has been arranged to hold in these two Nigeria cities-Lagos and Benin. Future locations will be decided, but that will not be now

    5. How do I get the materials

      1. Any material to be released will be at the venue.

    6. When are we going to be seeing all these in Port Harcourt?

      I need to wake up to reality!

    7. At least there is working business model here, better than MMM.

    8. Oga Jide jide,
      I remember seeing you at eti-osa in 2012. How time flies. Please port Harcourt needs this o!

    9. Way to go Mr Jide and the ONM team. In this recession period, this seminar is coming at the right time. Please come down to the north.


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