PayU Nigeria Lets You Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira With GTBank MasterCard and Other Nigerian Debit Cards

PayU Nigeria payment gateway has been integrated with Facebook ads billing system, thereby making it easy for Nigerians to pay for Facebook ads in Naira.

You no longer have to worry about getting dollar cards to pay for Facebook ads In Nigeria nor do you have to worry about monthly international spend limit which Nigerian banks have imposed on their cards.

If you've set "Naira" as your currency in your Facebook ad account and you've not been able to pay for your Facebook adverts with cards like GTBank Mastercard, you can now do so by making use of "Naira card payment with PayU".

pay for facebook ad in nigeria with payu payment method

You can even use a card that has previously been flagged by Facebook to add funds to your Facebook Naira ad account via PayU. Cool...huh? Yeah, it makes sense die.....lol. ☻

PayU simply accepts payment on behalf of Facebook and funds your Naira Facebook ad account. Facebook deducts payment for all your Facebook adverts from the prepaid balance and you can add more money at any time. i.e if you pay N5,000 through PayU, N5,000 will be displayed as the balance of your Facebook ad account prepaid balance and it is from the N5,000 that Facebook will deduct payment for your Facebook adverts - and you can add more money to the balance anytime.

Your ad campaigns will be charged in Naira and you can even set a daily budget as low as N500. So, if you've been paying like $0.01 per post engagement before now, Facebook might charge you as low as N3 per post engagement. So, you no longer have to assume you will be charged N315 per click or N490 per click.

PayU accepts both MasterCard and VISA debit cards and if you want to use GTBank Mastercard to fund your Facebook ad account via PayU, you will be required to enter your one time OTP to complete the transaction.

enter otp for gtbank mastercard facebook ads payment method

I've tried it and it's working fine for me although I initially had to wait for some days before my fund could reflect in my Facebook ads account prepaid balance.  The PayU Nigeria customer care sorted it out for me.

Try it and let me know if it works for you too.

Below is a screenshot from my Facebook account's billing page section :

facebook ads account prepaid balance

NB: You might have to create new Naira Facebook ad account via a personal Facebook account for you to be able to pay for Facebook ads with PayU. You might not see the option to pay via PayU if you create new Facebook ad account via Facebook Business Manager and if you change your existing Facebook ad account from USD to Naira..

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for the confirmation.

  2. Nice post. Can I use this method to clear pending ad bills(promoted in $) from old campaign?

    1. Na. Facebook won't even allow you to convert your USD account to Naira if you have pending bill to clear. Go get a dollar mastercard from your bank or payoneer card and use that to clear your bills.

  3. With PayU .. Are funds also debited at every end of the month?

    1. Facebook can debit your prepaid balance anytime. You must funds in your prepaid balance before you can run ads.

    2. If I fund my acct with PayU. Will it reflect to my prepaid balance immediately?. If not how many days does it take?

  4. Have heard sir.

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  5. Please how do locate the payU option in my facebook ads...

    1. Create a naira facebook ad account and go to the billing section to choose the PayU payment method.

  6. Thanks; I am applying this technique today.

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  7. Anonymous2/13/2017

    Please I want to know:
    How many days did it take to reflect on your Facebook balance? With this payment option can one set the Facebook ad at higher budget and pay gradually by recharging the prepaid balance, that is before the prepaid balance is exhausted?

  8. Let me quickly pause my on-going ad ooooo and continue with this one. let Facebook carry the ones them don chop already

  9. I just did it.

    The money reflected in my account immediately.

  10. wow!!! This is a bomb, my Company runs ad of $2000 per month and since CBN Law influenced the restriction, we have been greatly affected, but with this now, we can resume our work and continue our Monthly Budget swiftly.... I am glad you published this bro!!!

    PayU rocks!

  11. Just yesterday i saw this option when i wanted to start an aid campaign. Never really understand the whole process. You post just made it better and easier for me.#

    Thanks Mr Jide for such a great post on PayU.

    blogger at www.obhiabablog.com.ng

  12. I did everything you said,i can't still see the payu platform...
    But my preferred currency is in dollars can that affect also

    1. The payU accepts payments in naira.
      So it's affecting it.

      Create a new ad. Select Nigerian Naira as your currency.

      When you reach checkout, you'll see the PayU option.
      If the problem still persists, open a new fb acct. Make that account an admin to the page you own.

      Then use that account and create ads too.


  13. hi ,I have tried everything triable with setting up the payu facebook ads. I have gone as far as changing the currency to naira.The billing page also displays in naira. My bids are set to naira. But at the end of the day, when I want to check out, I still end up landing at the default payment without the option of payu displaying. What might be responsible?

  14. Bro, the payu website is so confusing, it gets to a level & they start asking if I'm a merchant or a customer... Plz be kind enough to give me the step by step guide on how to create and fund a Payu account. ..thanks

  15. Thanks oga jide for this great info. I have been trying for long to pay up the incured dept on my Facebook ad account and to initiate new ads but to no avail. Thanks for this I will certainly try it out.

  16. Jide thanks for this one, you have saved a brother from winding up.

  17. Good one, comment from www.nairaclass.com/forum

  18. Thanks for this post.

  19. I didn't see the feature here, I even create another fb ads account.

  20. tanks so nmuch for the post jide


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