Adblabla Sponsored Post Helps You Publish A Write Up On Thousands of Blogs In Nigeria

Last year, I introduced Adblabla as a free online advertising adnetwork which leverages the "trade by barter" concept of economic trade, to allow members get traffic to their sites from other sites for free i.e as a member, you can upload an ad that will display on other sites for free, provided you've installed the Adblabla code on your site.

Today, I want to introduce to you, the Adblabla Launch a.k.a Adblabla Sponsored Posts.

From one screen and one place, Adblabla launch gives you the ability to publish a post about your business, product, service, music video etc on thousands of Nigerian blogs simultaneously. In addition, the bloggers that publish your sponsored post will also share the post on social media networks.

Here are a few advantages of using Adblabla launch for your next sponsored post :

  1. No need to start chasing multiple bloggers with phone calls and wondering when your post will go live. Adblabla takes this hassle from you!
  2. No need to worry about which of your write-ups will have the optimum impact. Adblabla can send multiple different copies of your write-up to different bloggers. Talk about A/B testing at its simplest level.
  3. Get progress reports/ statistics about which blog has posted your posts and the number of clicks from each one.
  4. Improve your SEO rankings because of the large number of sites/ blogs linking to your site.
  5. Benefit from Adblabla FREE Adnetwork when you select "premium blogs" when you use Adblabla for your sponsored post.

adblabla content marketing

Adblabla Launch : How To Get Started

2.  Select what you will like to do from the drop down box

adblabla ad network

3. Select the type of blogs you want your post to be published on
4. Choose a blog category type
5. Drag the slider handle to increase or decrease your reach. As you do that, take note of the cost.

6. Once you've reached your budget, click on "proceed to campaign set up" to write or paste the post you want to promote and make payment. 

Once payment is confirmed, Adblabla will inform members to publish your post.

You can sign in to Adblabla to track the stats of the post.

If you have questions about Adblabla Launch, please visit Adblabla FAQs Section or email You can also call Chineta on 070-6307-6150


  1. Interesting. So, I can use this to promote a song for a client..right?

    1. Yes, you can. You can even sign in to adblabla to get the links of the published posts and send them to the client.

  2. wow i will try Adblabla sponsored post out.

    Commenting from:
    Zekylcious Blog

  3. Wow, this is interesting and very revolutionary. I will try it out.

  4. This' cool! I saw Ogbongeblog listed among those premium blogs too.

    I guess you make a post soon on how to add a blog to it.

  5. I've been among the publishers over the year. Let's promote our own.

  6. I have always made use of Adblabla but never gave its sponsored posts a try.

    commenting from -

  7. adblabla is really making significant changes to blogging and content promotion... switching over
    from ;


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