Check Out Demo Of New Responsive Emporio Blogger Theme In Blue

The Emporio theme is one of the new Blogger themes designed to look great and automatically adjust to any screen. I simply like the way it display blog posts in grids on the homepage and archive pages.

Well, I've customized it a bit with a touch of blue color and you can check it out at :

I uploaded a logo instead of the blog title and description and added a background image to the new Blogger theme.

new blogger theme responsive emporior

I also added social media icons at the footer section of the blog, below the "Powered by Blogger" (which can also be removed).

nigerian entertainment blog design in blue

Further customization in progress.

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What's your take on this?

You can check out Emporio theme tips & tricks..


  1. You are really the boss in tech blog, Jide.

    Please Check my templete I reaaly want to improve

    1. that's a lovely demo template

  2. I never knew it could be really neat like this! You are a true tech pro....

    I have also added a few things to My tech blog at

  3. it is really cool I will be using it for my blog Abtech

  4. Anonymous3/23/2017

    how did you add that background? it doesnt work for me

  5. ogbonge number 1 i really need this template for my

  6. Anonymous6/21/2017

    how can we get this template sir... i love it and i need it

  7. Pls i need your assistance on how my emporio sidebar will be shown in individual posts. my website is

  8. nice theme i will like to have it


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