How To Disable WhoisGuard and DomainLock For Domain Names Registered Through DomainKing.Ng

If you want to transfer domain name to another domain registrar, you will be required to turn off "domain lock" and "whoisguard" and also provide the epp code of the domain name. Both features simply help in protecting your domain names from accidental transfers and identity theft.

Prior to NIRA shutting down Domainking.Ng, I was able to disable "domain lock" but unable to disable "whoisguard" on domain names I registered through the domain registrar but now that I can access my domain names through Resellerclub, I can now easily disable both features.


First, you have to ensure you can access the domain names you registered at at Resellerclub as explained here.

Thereafter, sign in to your account at ResellerClub .

Click on "Manage Orders" > "List/Search Orders"

Click on the domain you want to disable it's WhoisGuard and DomainLock.

Click on "Privacy Protection" to turn off "WhoisGuard"

Click on "Theft protection" to turn off "domain lock".

Save Changes.

That's all.

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  1. Joseph3/24/2017

    Nice share boss. Thanks for your assitance to domainking customers. You rock!


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