Glorby Connects You With Nearby People In Nigeria To Help You With Tasks

Bolseth Group has announced the launch of Glorby as a safe, reliable online and mobile marketplace in Nigeria that allows users to outsource jobs and tasks to others in their local area. If you can render services to people in your location, you can also apply as a tasker on Glorby and get paid for tasks you complete.

As a user, Glorby simply connects you with local people and companies to help you with tasks around your house or office in Nigeria. You list the task needed to be done, select from a variety of taskers with specific specialities and price points and a network of pre-approved contractors (Taskers) are ready to complete the job. You can book and pay for the tasks on Glorby website or by making use of Glorby mobile apps.

glorby nigeria marketplace for taskers

How Glorby Works

Pick a Task
Select from a list of popular chores and errands and submit your request. This allows you to instantly find Taskers in your area that are ready to assist with your tasks.

Find a Tasker
Choose a same-day appointment or a time that suits your schedule and Glorby will match you with Taskers for the job.

Get it Done
Manage your booking directly in the app - Chat with your Tasker, get accurate arrival times, and pay online in the App when the task is complete.

According to Glorby, there is a background check partner that performs background check on every tasker listed on the Glorby platform. This way you can feel safe to let strangers come to your house or office to perform tasks.

You can get started as a user or tasker today at

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