Whois.Net Lets You Perform WHOIS Lookup of Domain Names

Whois.net is one of my favorite whois lookup tools I use to obtain information about domain names. I can quickly use it to see who owns a domain name or to see if it's available for registration - and it also works perfectly for .ng domain names. It's simply a tool you can use to ask the question, who is responsible for a domain name or an IP address?

The free whois lookup tool lets you see a collection of data about a registered domain name, its name servers and registrar, the domain name creation date, the domain name expiration date, the contact information for the registered name holder, the technical contact, and the administrative contact – to list a few.

Among other things, it can be used to identify parties who are able to correct problems associated with a registered domain.

You can access the whois tool at : www.whois.net

whois lookup tool for domain names

Alternatively, you can try : www.whois.com.ng  (for .ng domain names)

If you've registered a domain name and you don't want your personal contact info to be accessible to anyone who searches the Whois database, you can activate WhoisGuard privacy protection for your domain names. It is very affordable, and it’s FREE for the first year at Namecheap and other domain name registrars.

Do you know other whois look up tools you can recommend?