How To Withdraw From GTBank Target Savings Account

If you've set up a GT Target savings account to save towards a specific target - wedding, vacation, new car etc you can withdraw from the account without having to walk-in to a nearby GTBank.

Whenever I want to withdraw from my GT Target account, I simply log in to my GTBank internet banking dashboard, transfer from the GT target account to my GTBank savings account, then use my ATM to get the cash out of my savings account. It's that simple!

How To Transfer From GT Target Account to GTB Savings Account

Sign in to GTB internet banking at
Click on "Self Service" on the side menu

gt target savings account

Click on "GT Target Account"
Click on "Partial or Full Withdrawal"

withdraw from gtbank target account

Fill in the transfer details and submit.
transfer from gtbank target account

That's all.

I hope this helps.

NB : You can't withdraw from GT Target Account via GTBank mobile app for now.