$100 Earned From Payoneer Affiliate Program In One Day Without Selling Anything

Payoneer affiliate program is still making sense. I woke up this morning to see four emails notifying me that I've received referral reward from Payoneer. Each reward equals $25. Hence multiplied by four, equals $100. later in the day, I received another $25 making it $125 reward within 24hours.

payoneer referral bonus $25

affiliate earnings from payoneer mastercard affiliate program

This is cool because I am not selling any product for Payoneer. I only refer my friends to open Payoneer account through my Payoneer affiliate link so they can also get their own Payoneer Mastercard for free - and when anyone of them receives at least $100 in payments into their Payoneer account, Payoneer pays me $25. #Simple.

If you would also like to earn $25 bonus from Payoneer, join Payoneer Affiliate Program and start promoting your unique Payoneer affiliate link on your blogs, on social media, via email newsletters etc. If you organize offline training or seminars, you can as well use that as opportunity to get attendees to sign up for their Payoneer card via your link.

I use my Payoneer referral bonus to pay for Facebook ads, which I use to drive traffic and create more awareness for my blogs. The Payoneer Mastercard works perfectly as a payment method for my USD Facebook ad account.

Let me know if you also earn online from Payoneer affiliate program.


==> How To Open Payoneer Account In Nigeria
==> How To Get Payoneer Referral Link For Earning $25 Per Friend


  1. i had loved to earn much from them one day with my blog
    Institute of computing and ict

  2. Yes it makes sense but ur referral should transact business worth 100$ before u get 25 $

  3. Yes it makes sense but ur referral should transact business worth 100$ before u get 25 $

  4. Indeed Payoneer affiliate is very lucrative, but getting users to signup is one thing, getting them to transact a minimum of $100 is another thing.

    1. That's the issue, Well soon i would get a Payoneer card and make someone smile with $25.

      @ Contechsblog.com

  5. Thanks I want to learn more from you.

  6. The maximum referral earnings i've gotten from my Payoneer account referrals was 3 and I was very happy when that mail came in. It was when I least expected it

  7. I have not gotten a payment. But I pray that my payoneer post at joelinkstech.blogspot.com will one day fetch me some funds!

  8. Wow 25 usd, will work on it

  9. I will love to try it.


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