Barter Cards Now Restricted To One Per User

If you are no longer seeing an option to create a barter virtual card from your dashboard at, don't bother disturbing yourself as the barter cards have now been restricted to one per user. This simply means you can no longer create multiple virtual cards and give them to your loved ones at this moment.

So, if you've already created a card, just keep using it to make your online payments at sites that are not accepting Nigerian debit cards. Whenever you exhaust the balance on the card, fund your getbarter wallet and proceed to add the fund to your barter card.

Below is the screenshot of the message I received from barter support, making it clear to me that the cards are now limited to one per user :

barter virtual cards

I hope they will lift the restriction soon.

About Barter Cards

Barter cards, powered by Flutterwave are dollar-denominated virtual cards which you can use to pay anywhere on the internet where the Mastercard logo is displayed - with no spend limits. The cards can be funded with Naira, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings, and of course, USD - and you can track all the transactions carried out on the card all in your barter dashboard accessible at


  1. Hi. What is the current rate?

    1. You can always see the current rate when you sign in to the getbarter dashboard. The last time I checked, it was N400 per US dollar.

    2. It has been restored again thanks bro
      Commenting from
      techfashy blog

  2. hello bro, thanks for the write ups,
    How do i use the getbarter card to pay for facebook ads.

    secondly, what are the sites that accept the card?


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