Blogger Linda Ikeji Set To Dump The Blogspot Platform

Recently, Blogger Linda Ikeji changed her blog's url from to In what seems to be a continuation of "repackaging" her blog, she has announced her readiness to move her blog away from the free blogspot platform which has been hosting her blog for over 10 years.

She made the announcement on her blog over the weekend amidst fear of the unknown. What she is scared of is what I am not understanding

Anyway, preview of the new linda ikeji's blog shows that it will rock a magazine design and will retain the old lindaikeji's blog background and colour theme - and it seems she is not moving to the popular WordPress platform but to the same laravel platform used for Linda Ikeji Social.

The new design is not as simple as the current design and it seems many of her blog readers are worried about this considering the comments on the blog post where she made the announcement.

Below is a demo of what the new linda ikeji blog will look like :

new linda ikeji's blog
blogger linda ikeji blog

And below is the current look of the linda ikeji's blog on the blogspot platform :

linda ikeji blogspost blog

What's your take on this?


  1. A good decision. At least, she will have total control of her blog and do whatever she wants on her blog without at the mercy of the Google..

  2. Its a good move as long as "she is ready" cos most people that aren't ready usually ends up feeling worse making that decision.
    Also, she should try to read the comments on her announcement page and jots down some suggestions
    But my Ogbongebro, this post title enter like Entertainment style ;)

    1. You are on point. Voiced out what is on my mind..

  3. E be my problem???, nah she sabi

  4. Linda made a great decision but it comes with it own responsibilities unlike blogger that is self hosted with little or no need for tech officers to handle server issues,payment for hosting etc.

    When you have a self hosted blog, it is easier to sell it off at a good amount if there is a need to do so.Who knows, Google or some online investors might just offer an irresistible amount some day.

  5. let her dump blogspot and face what other bloggers are facing with hosting she go spend no be small...

    and again which theme is going to accommodate all those ads that occupy her side bars

    commenting: from the blog you can learn programming without going to school jare

  6. Nice but I like the old design. ...

  7. I prefer the old design to the new. Just my opinion

  8. Well to me it is a good move.

  9. Jide na wa ooo.. How e take concern me? Thanks

  10. That's a Good One And Awesome

  11. It is her time to shine. just watch as a move my blog from blogspot to better platform and begin to monetize it. meanwhile check out my blog for Innovation and Sci-tech news...


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