Selfies So Beautiful, Battery So Powerful; the New Gionee A1 Is Set To Amaze You

Think of a phone that has the specs of a professional camera, the skills of an experienced make-up artist, and a power station for battery and you will get the new Gionee A1 with a 16 MP front, 13MP rear camera and a 4010 Milliampere battery.

gionee A1 back camera

Clearly, the Gionee A1 is a joy to behold; it takes every selfie through a beautification process and ensures it comes out as one shot in paradise. The Gionee phone has an updated front flash covered by a custom filter, which gives steady soft light and causes your face to glow with softness and smoothness anywhere and anytime, even in the face of horrid lighting conditions.All of this plus the face beauty 2.0 feature embedded in the Gionee spectacle.

If you think the Gionee A1 is just perfect for pictures and nothing else, you are wrong.The Gionee phone has an impeccable fingerprint security system that unlocks your phone in 0.3 seconds. What about its enormous 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM? The Gionee masterpiece is a phone that allows more than more.

gionee A1 fingerprint scanner

It also has a split-screen feature that aids multitasking; this means on one screen, you can watch a movie while you chat with your friends. And because, the Gionee A1 has a powerful 4010 Milli ampere battery that can go on and on, you know you are in for a swell time.

Now, let’s talk about the sleek metallic design of the Gionee phone. Its 5.5 full high definition display and its Gorilla Glass 3 is a wonder to behold. To say it for short, the Gionee A1 is made of beauty, extravagance and awesomeness and with its 16MP Selfie camera;you are sure to experience beauty at its best. It also comes with the latest Android technology, Android 7.0, and an octa-core CPU with a running speed of 2.0GHZ.

gionee a1 android phone image

The Gionee A1 with the Gionee A1, you can have all your infrared electronics in the palm of your hands. It has an infrared remote control feature that connects to your air-conditioner, television and other electronic devices.

Gracing the Nigerian market by the end of April, the Gionee A1 phone is a must-have for all those who will not settle for anything less than perfect. It will beat other phones effortlessly even when they are above its pay grade.

Visit  and begin your own selfie spree today.


  1. Francis4/21/2017

    Interesting specs. Hope it won't be too expensive though..

  2. I watched the video review of the Gionee A1 on YouTube. And truth be told, it gives you what the S8 can't while it comes at a cheap price compared to flagship phones from Samsung and iPhone.

  3. This phone will be awesome.. let me start gathering cash since the real price is not known yet...

  4. Hi Jide,

    I'd like to ask, between Gionee A1 and Tecno Camon CX Manchester City Edition, which would you prefer based on general comparison.

    Hope to get ur response soon!


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