Delete Blog On Blogger In Easy Steps

In this Blogger tutorial, I want to quickly show you how to delete a blog on Blogger. You might want to do so when you are no longer interested in a blog you have created especially test blogs that were created to test some blogger themes and widgets.

There are two ways to delete a blog:
  • When you delete a blog: you have a short period of time to restore it if you change your mind.
  • When you permanently delete a blog: all of your blog information, posts, and pages will be deleted, and you won’t be able to restore them.

Note: You must be the administrator of a blog to delete it.

How To Delete A Blogger Blog

  • Sign in to
  • Choose the blog you want to delete from the drop down.
  • In the left menu, select Settings and then "Other".
  • Under “Delete Blog” next to “Remove your blog,” click "Delete blog".
  • Click "Delete This Blog".

delete blogspot blog

How To Delete a Blogger Blog Permanently

To delete it permanently, follow the steps above, then:

  • On the left side of your Blogger dashboard, click the down arrow and scroll to "deleted blogs". Click the name of the blog you deleted, click "Permanently delete".
  • In the window that opens, click "Permanently delete".

Note: After a blog is permanently deleted, the blog’s URL cannot be used again.

How To Restore A Deleted Blogger Blog

You can restore your blog for a short period after deleting it if you haven’t deleted it permanently:

  • Sign in to Blogger.
  • On the left side of your Blogger dashboard, next to the name of your blog, click the down arrow.
  • Under "Deleted blogs," click the blog you want to restore.
  • Click "Undelete".

I hope this helps.


  1. This may be very important for starters but i do hope they don't try it with their main blogs and end up deleting it, The news would be so touching.

    Anyways, we talk Techs @

  2. thanks Jide your steps on how to delete a blog was very useful . I just did.


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