Google Can Now Disable Adsense Ads On Specific Pages Instead of Entire Site

Based on direct feedback from publishers, to how Adsense policies are enforced and communicated to publishers, Google has announced the introduction of policy actions at the page level and a new policy center for publishers that use Adsense. Altogether, this means fewer disruptions and more ads transparency for publishers.

Before now, if you violate Google Adsense policy, google ads will be disabled on your site. As Google rolls out page-level policy action as the new default for content violations, Google will now be able to stop showing ads on select pages, while leaving ads up on the rest of your site’s good content.

According to Google, site-level actions will still be enforced when necessary, such as in the case of persistent violations, which definitely will lead to the termination of the publisher's Adsense account. The company claims that the policy will allow it to act more quickly when it needs to remove ads from a publisher’s site.

google adsense page level policy

On the other hand, the Adsense policy center will serve as a one-stop shop for everything publisher needs to know about policy actions that affect his/her sites and pages. So, if an ad gets removed from your site and you want to know why, you can always get the info at the policy center.

You will be able to see why policy actions were taken and the violations found, including page-level action data, so you can quickly resolve these issues across all your sites and pages using step-by-step instructions. The Policy Center will also make it easy for publishers to tell Google when policy issues have been resolved and their pages are ready for review.

What's your take on this?


Dave said…
Really?. Seems lots of ad networks out there these days are now making them to clam down. Transparency indeed...
This is was you get when you notice other ads network are springing up quickly.. Well its a nice one for we the publishers though!
BelieveAll said…
Thank God their brain has being reformatted as it suppose to be Check out this nice blog design
Anonymous said…
Nice update
Writing from
techfashy blog
Nice one......please Mr Jide my google adsence account has been approved but it keep showing blank on my blogger blog and even in the preview when adding adsence from the gadget........ Please I need help .......From
Chibuzor Aguwa said…
A nice improvement, they are aware of the various complain by publishers, so they are trying to introduce transparency and a conducive environment for both parties.
George Emmanuel said…
Nice Development from Google. I like this
Newjobs said…
I think this is long overdue but all the same it's a welcome development.
Keep up the good work Boss. Graçias
Lolz.. .....very soon an ad network will overtake them if dey continue this way

john legend said…
i do love this, but im not lucky enough because my adsense accont was disabled for all my sites 3days ago said…
I agree with you. It might take time, but they will soon be overtaken!!
Not bad for we adsense publishers but is it not a trick cos even before they do that they should try and notify someone... From jide yu dey try sha..
Elvis E said…
Jide please do an article on how to get o use eskimi ads
I hope their new policy reviews works for everyone.
This is really serious oooo ,, but obviously still better than banning the hole account

Ebube Emeka said…
Please o, Bro Jide, I have a question. I applied for AdSense, after moving my blog from blogger to WordPress. Till date, I'm yet to get any feedback and its more than a week. What do you think? My website is
E. Keyz said…
Nice post. Respect you boss. At least this is better than banning the entire Adsense for just a violation in a post

Google keep tightening their policy.. I really hope they approve my site this around..
Naijainfoshare said…
adsense keeps on disapproving my request.
please what is wrong with this site>>>>
Gideon Okorie said…
It's a welcome development.

Greetings from said…
Hi, I like d look and feel of ur website.
Please I want to know how you are able to put more than one ad within a post. The method I av seen online allows me to put ONLY one ad within my posts body.
Please can u show me how u do dis? Or point me to a tutorial on it.