How To Fund Payoneer Account In Nigeria

After you open a Payoneer account in Nigeria, you will need to fund Payoneer card issued to you before you can use it for online payments and after you fund Payoneer account, you can sell the fund to other holders of the Payoneer Mastercard.

Incase you don't already know, Payoneer is a US company that helps you pay, as well as get paid globally as you would locally.

Since the rise in dollar rate, and subsequent ban of Naira cards for dollar transactions abroad by CBN & virtually all Nigerian banks, Payoneer Mastercard has been a safe haven - and has served as the perfect alternative to both GTBank and Access bank Naira cards which used to work.

Uses Of Payoneer Card In Nigeria

Below are the list of things you can do using your payoneer card, to avoid limiting yourself out of ignorance.

  1. Buying goods online from abroad (i.e importation business). See below, a screenshot of a buyer who used his payoneer card for purchase at aliexpress.
  2. For making payments online (e.g school fees, Visa application fees, buying/renewal of domain and hosting plans etc.)
  3. Payoneer card can be used to withdraw cash from the ATM
  4. Funding of Facebook advert account.

If you are having issues getting your PayoneerMastercard delivered using the free delivery method, you can fund your account with $50 to enable you request for it via expedite shipping (DHL or FedEX) which takes just 3 to 7 days to get to your doorstep.

If you happen to be an importer, since getting dollars in Nigeria is now as tough as fetching water with a basket, Payoneer dollars and card is the way to go. You can now fund your Payoneer card to the tune of whatever your demand might be. And at rates slightly cheaper than that of the parallel market, to enable you import your items easily and make extra profit.

How To Fund Your Payoneer Card In Nigeria

To fund your Payoneer card in Nigeria, you will have to find Payoneer account holders that are willing to sell their Payoneer fund in exchange for Naira. Alternatively, you will have to sign up with websites that pay into Payoneer account. You cannot fund payoneer can by doing bank transfer from your Nigerian bank account to your Payoneer card.

fund payoneer card in Nigeria

If you don't know anyone you can contact to fund your Payoneer account, you can contact Blogger Uche Francis. All you have to do is follow the 3 steps given below :

  • Contact him on WhatsApp using this number 07030602334 or on Telegram using this username: @uchefrancis. 
  • Tell him the amount you need. He will tell you his current Payoneer dollars to Naira exchange rate and you pay the equivalent.
  • After payment is confirmed, he will credit your Payoneer account with the agreed amount of Payoneer dollars.

How To Sell Your Payoneer Dollars In Nigeria

Apart from funding of Payoneer cards with dollars here in Nigeria, he can also buy Payoneer funds at a very good rate in Naira.

So if you work online and earn money through Payoneer, here is your chance to sell those hard earned dollars at a very good rate compared to what you get from bank ATM machines.

Now to sell, contact him and he will credit your Naira bank account with the equivalent.

He Can Also Help You Pay Online

Aside buying of Payoneer dollars, and funding of Payoneer cards, he also helps his clients pay abroad for goods bought in China, USA from sites like Aliexpress, eBay, Alibaba etc. as well as help clients book their flights, pay school fees abroad, pay visa fees, domain/hosting plans etc. at a reasonable rate & fee.

All you have to do is chat with him and tell him what you want him to do for you.

Review Of Uche Francis Contact Details

  • Whatsapp : 07030602334 
  • Telegram: @uchefrancis
  • Blog:

Transactions can be carried out at any time of the day even at odd hours provided that he is not sleeping....smiles**

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  1. This would be helpful for those who are looking out for where to get payoneer funds!
    Please, If a payoneer card is lost, what can be done to retrieve it?

    1. Yes bro.

      As for your missing card, all you have to do is chat up Payoneer for a replacement.

      It cost 12.5$ or there about

  2. Very nice update...
    As far as he is trustworthy we are good to go.
    In addition instead anyone having issues with applying and haven't received his card should inbox me on fb I will assist him get it without stress for free..
    Buzz me up...

    1. You've got absolutely nothing to worry about my friend.

  3. Nive one. I can still see from the content of the post, withdrawal from your ATM Card, i want to ask, is withdrawal from the payoneer master card still possible or active here in Nigeria?
    Secondly, whats the maximum amount you can hamdle? terms of buying payoneer funds?...

    1. Yes the withdrawal is still possible but the rate us crap.

      As for the amount I can handle, pls reach me on WhatsApp using the contact details given in the post.

  4. Thanks for this bro

  5. Nice and comprehensive

  6. Am glad at this development, it's really good seeing one of our own doing a legit business online..

    Oga Uche, hope your rates would be worth coming for? if it is then you should expect lots of customers soon.

    Also take a minute to checkout this new tweakware settings for glo free browsing. it would save you some data subscription cost.

  7. OK, how do i get it, adsense has been messing with me..

  8. Sir seeing this on ogbongeblog alone makes it trust worthy, i have to also recommend you to my blog readers sorry for not taking permission

  9. Yeah it was nice doing business with him, he responds immediately, the guy is good. But Baba Jide you are just telling us after I done suffer come find him. Thanks to you guys

  10. I need to Transact with Him because its been long my card landed but not yet funded and it expires 2020


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