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Hi Friends,

If you love the current design of my blog, I can set up same design for your blog if you are ready to pay for it. I personally customize my template to my taste using html, css and javascript.

So, if you don't want to go through the stress of redesigning a default blogger template, then let me get it done for you. The time is now....

You can get the design as it is on Ogbongeblog

or with a left and right sidebar as seen below.

The "Read More" and thumbnail can also be removed to display the post and full image on the homepage.

The design can rock any color theme you desire too.


==> Features a home page with "auto" read more,and post thumbnail
==> Features numbered posts navigation
==> Can easily be changed to feature left and right sidebars with post area in the center
==> Can easily change width of sidebars, post area etc via Blogger Template designer
==> Can easily change template color via Blogger template designer
==> Works perfectly with Template designer custom css functionality
==> Custom mobile view looks awesome
==> Can easily display ad banners, related posts etc on mobile view
==> Can displays ads almost anywhere in the template; above logo, below logo, inside posts etc

How Much ?

It will cost you just N10,000 ( $55 ).

You can pay for it online, via western union or by direct bank deposit.

Once I set it up on your blog, and you notice there are some features on my blog that are not on yours, I will fix that for you for FREE.

I will definitely keep record of the email address and blog URL you submit after purchase as they will be required for the FREE edits.

All Blogger tweaks and tips on this blog work perfectly with the template.

If you've got questions, relay them via comments.


You can pay into my bank account at the bank, at ATM or via online transfer. You can also pay online with your card.

Online Payment 

You can pay with your card online. Payment will be processed by the secure VoguePay payment processor.

Kindly contact me so I can send you the online payment link. I can as well generate e-invoice for you.


You can pay into my bank account. Kindly contact me to request for my bank account details.  

For more inquiries, please email:

If you have questions, feel free to contact me too. 07062918898 ///  BBM: D8A63B09 D1C51CC4.

NB: You can also make money by referring bloggers to get this design from me. Mail me if interested.

Have fun!


  1. This is cool Oga Jide, you are really helping the Nigeria Blogsphere

  2. This is nice, you are doing a great job, Bro.

  3. Your blog mobile view is awesome Jide.

  4. hi am adona donatus pls i realy need the design of ur blog please you can call me on 08109837608 so that we can talk about the isue

  5. Pleae I need a blog that at least earns me 20 dollars aday

  6. Anonymous1/09/2016

    will it contain "About Us", "Private Policy" etc?

  7. U rilly pulling me on oga Jide

  8. I prefer you write a ebook on how to do it and sell to us. I'll be your first customer

  9. Hi I just came a cross this now I'm very much interested in this and dos it also cover a domain name and how do we get started thanks

  10. hello Jide, i need a blog redesign....but am at loss here. i contacted a web designer before i came accross your blog that word press platform is better. i have already bought a blog template fro georgina lou studios but still cant design it to my taste. so i need help with the blog template. my email address is do reply.

  11. You really a force to be reckoned with... I'm interested in this 08167098742 is the number

  12. kachi jobs6/07/2016

    Pls sir I want to b d creator of my own self domainblog.I need ur help

  13. It's cool. I paid and Am rocking it! Thanks Mr Jide!

  14. please Oga Jide, can I have your free blogger template for my blog site?

  15. Anonymous8/28/2016

    please Oga Jide, can I have your free blogger template for my blog site? feedback @08101013556. pls am waiting for u Mr Jide

  16. Anonymous10/08/2016

    Nice Template, how much does it go for?

  17. Sir Jide,your blog is a catalyst that speeds up the rate which I work

  18. oga jide....making blogging easier....God bless

  19. Anonymous1/30/2017

    I like your template

  20. Hi Jide, can we discuss business? Give me your email or phone number, cos I need this template asap.

    08132284732, please call me

    1. Contact me via email for payment details.

  21. I'm interested in the blog template. How do i pay?

    1. Contact me via email for payment details.

  22. Nice template bro, I like your template.

    I will buy it soon

  23. Anonymous4/06/2017

    I learn something new each time I'm here... More grace bro.


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