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My name is Jide Ogunsanya; the only Nigerian blogger that emerged finalist for the 2014 Social Media Africa, "Blogger of the Year" Award.

If you want to share an interesting article as a guest post, submit guest post here.

If you want to promote your business, product or services, continue reading.

My blog, OgbongeBlog is a great place to promote your business, startup, products or services with a sponsored post which can also include images, contact information etc. The post stays on my blog forever as long as the blog exists.

Trust me, promoting your business, products or event with a blog post is far more better than banner advertisement. You can google the advantages of content marketing.

Sponsored posts, which can include press releases, videos, articles, interviews...you name it, cost N30,000  or $150  per article and payment is required before posts go live on my blog.

Apart from posting your article on my blog, I also share across my social networks, bbm, whatsapp etc and if your article is interesting, I might boost it with Facebook ad too :)

One of the testimonials :

Here are some random examples:
Sponsoring a post will get your info permanently available on my blog, blasted out to my thousands social media followers, and passed along through RSS feeds and newsletters.

Over 10,000 email subscribers are currently subscribed to OgbongeBlog with their email addresses and still counting. This simply means once your post goes LIVE, those subscribers will get to know about you, your products/services or your business and they will see the post as a recommendation from me. Cool..huh?

I will use my SEO skills to provide long tail search engine exposure for you to enable people discover your sponsored post when they search Google and other search engines using keywords associated with your products and services.  

Please note, all links in the article will be live and connected to your site, but WILL NOT pass pagerank. It is not compulsory you have a website before I can promote your business. I can set up a website for your business though...

I will also make your info stick to the homepage of the blog  for an entire 30days, no matter how many posts published after your sponsored post.

Kindly note that your Sponsored Post will stay on my blog for live as long as the blog exists.

I and those that share my posts will also share the post on BBM, BBM Channels, Facebook, Twitter etc. I will also use hootsuite to keep sharing the post with my other posts continuously on my social networks when I schedule my posts with the app.

I am more active on Facebook and you can be rest assured that I will over-hype you on my Facebook timeline, Pages and Groups.

You can connect with me on Facebook : www.facebook.com/jidetheblogger

Who Writes the Post?

Since you know your business or product that I do, then you are to write the article and send to me. If you can't write, pay someone to write for you. I can also help you come up with a simple article though, if I get some basic details from you.

If you'd prefer, I can get your sponsorship onto an existing article. If all you're looking for is to be affiliated with a particular subject, take a moment to search the blog using the search boxes. If you find an article you'd like to sponsor, just let me know which one. I will edit it for you.

Ready to get started?

I accept payments via bank deposits, mobile transfer, online transfer, Quickteller, Western Union, VoguePay and I will begin the project as soon as the funds reach my account.

Cool, I am interested. What Should I Do?

==> Send a mail to jide AT ogbongeblog DOT com with the subject "Interested in a Sponsored Post". I will get back to you asap. or jideogunsanya AT outlook.com

 I can also generate an invoice to you if you represent a coy.

 Alternatively, you can TEXT or Whatsapp me, 07062918898.

Can I Call You?

==> You can but I might not pick your call if am busy at work, if am talking on my other phones or if you call at odd hours. I prefer your text or mail me so I can easily follow up with our discussion.

Just imagine a potential buyer search for where to buy your product in Google and stumbles on a post about your business on my-award winning OgbongeBlog. You know what that means???

I look forward to promoting you!

NB: I do not refund payments once I publish your post and I have the right to delete or do anything with the links in the posts after publishing if we discover they can hurt our site.


  1. Ogbongeblog has proved itself over the years as a reliable source for quality info for both Nigeria and international webmasters.Thanks to Jide Ogunsanya.

  2. That's true GistFactory.. It started like nothing, But now see how far it has gone, Ogbongeblog i say is a nigeria stop place for resourceful information on Tutorials and How To", Articles. Thumbs up sire Jide.

    VISIT ME HERE www.nairacoded.com

  4. Jide is the best webmaster I know

  5. Anonymous11/10/2014

    hmmmmm gud work there, visit me here

  6. Kudos to ogbongeblog my mentor

  7. nice bro jide you have show us we too can make it if we work hard. you are role model to many of us.
    Gbola Olufemi @ www.oxygenmania.com say thank you

  8. Hi jide,this is a good development and a sure good way for bloggers to get solid exposure. I urge everyone to get onboard sponsored posts and make things happen it sure damn works! This form of guest posting sure gets you targeted visitors so go ahead and do it

  9. Nice one bro. At least you are bring international advertiser to Nigeria. It a good work from you and also teaching me how to blog through your wonderful post. My url www.techskulz.com.

  10. I think I am interested, will submit my blog on cheap android tablets. Tabdroidng.blogspot.com

  11. My Boss!
    I just read up this page, just to update my knowledge of creating a Sponsored Post page, find yours 100 percent satisfactory.
    Check my page
    though still want to renew my blog.

  12. You a genius when it comes to blogging brother!!!!

  13. Nice one Boss. You are doing great by providing an advertising platform for Nigerians and to Nigerians.

  14. Nice one brother....good work leeds to earning.... Checkout HonestCamp.blogspot.com

  15. I feel you bro, jide@dblogger.com nice work

  16. I respect you bro. You are doing a fantastic job. I think you should utilize Adwords to drive more traffic to this post so that you can reach out to potential clients

  17. Baba we loyal oooo @udonheardis.com/

  18. am getting inspiration bro. thanks to ppl like you. my small blog: http://dprince4christ.blogspot.com/

  19. Jide you're doing a GREAT work. You're a Genus!

  20. Awesome Mobile view you've got sir.


  21. yea bro i feel you bro you the best for now @jide

  22. This is a wonderful blog and great job , more power to your energy .

  23. Your blog is inspiring!
    Check us out on www.authenticgist.com

  24. You are doing a great job Oga Jide. A source of inspiration to up- coming bloggers like me. Check my new blog: http://www.anjahlistic.blogspot.com

  25. Ogbonge, your blog is always my last remedy whenever I google anything. www.microsofttut.com is ever loyal!

  26. Very resourceful young man. Look forward to doing business with you soon.

  27. One of my Number One blogger/mentor i followed up with since it setup. Very interesting and inspiring to create mine. www.naijaultimateblog.blogspot.com

  28. I have been following up on OgbongeBlog and I must admit, there's an enormous wealth of knowledge to be gained from here... I got several tips from here which helped me set up my blogs kepukepugistnaija.blogspot.com and nnbenigeria.blogspot.com... I still hope to gain more and more knowledge from this Ogbongeblog till I succeed with my blogs. Thanks to Jide Ogunsanya for being selfless.

  29. You make us Proud, you are my role model, you motivated me to start my blog


  30. I have been following up on OgbongeBlog and I should concede, there's a gigantic abundance of learning to be picked up from here. I got many hints from here which helped me set up my blog entertainwatch.blogspot.com. Despite everything I would like to acquire more information from Ogbongeblog until I prevail with my blog. Thank you Jide Ogunsanya for being the fountain of knowledge.

  31. one of the top quality Nigerian website learnt a lot from here.


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