Making Money From Printing Recharge Vouchers (MTN, GLO, ETISALAT,ZAIN etc) In Nigeria

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Today people smile to the banks because of the several opportunities that GSM has thrown up. Though many of these opportunities were formerly reserved for the big investors, but today, it has trickled down and can now be tapped into by serious, well-informed, small investors.

The Talkative nature of Nigerian people has put the demand for over 6 million patronages per day according to a recent survey. What a goldmine! No wonder,recharge voucher is fast replacing pure water and bread as the fastest selling product in Nigeria.Despite the economic meltdown, thousands of phones are been sold everyday and just imagine millions of recharge vouchers people buy and load as each day passes by . Yet very few people, (less than 5 percent) are opened to the reality of becoming a sub-dealer and making huge profit through direct printing of bulk vouchers and retail sales.

Recharge voucher printing business will continue to grow and demand for cards and vouchers will increase and mere reason why more foreign investors continue to show interest in the huge telecommunication market in the country with the latest investor been ETISALAT NG. This market is still growing and will grow to become part of existence. The reason is because the business has come to stay with the capacity to generate in millions of naira from Nigerians who cannot do without buying recharge vouchers to connect with people for different purposes.

Telecommunication Companies now declare profits and turnovers running into trillions of Naira. How amazing? The interesting thing is that we all can have our share of this goldmine through printing and marketing of Recharge Vouchers. Whether there is competition or no competition,GSM products like recharge cards sell themselves and no matter what, you will still have your own share of the market.

I strongly I believe that the only sector that this Financial meltdown have not really affected is the GSM sector. This is why recharge voucher printing business still remain a potential investment opportunity that no amount of competition can put to check. Want to go into recharge voucher-printing business? The opportunities are still open and lucrative. All you need is to expand your knowledge on the marketing strategies and enabling advantages for a successful recharge voucher printing business.

You can start small with as little as N9500 if you have access to a printer and a computer which MIGHT NOT necessarily be connected to internet before you acquire your own system, all you need to do it to discuss with any of THE MAJOR DEALERS how much you would like to start with, then, you will be on your way to making some good money on a monthly basis. This business will not make you rich overnight but can make you survive the current economic hardship. Little profits re-invested into this business over period of time can surely get you there. This is very possible but you must be ready to sow to reap.

Just like every other business in life, it’s not devoid of its challenges that may even lead to losing your investment. However, the most challenging aspect of voucher business is not the printing BUT THE MARKETING. You can print 200,000 vouchers in a day, but how many vouchers are you capable of selling on a daily basis ?

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This is where marketing plan comes in. You need good ideas to make vouchers available to those who need them when they need them even when you are NOT ready to take the business as FULL TIME business. You may need to discover new GSM marketing ideas that work. For this marketing ideas, GO HERE.

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  2. Yes, you can get a custom domain for your blogger blog…thats what i did for this blog. Many web hosting companies out there can do it for you..all you just have to do is buy a domain name and then configure it to work with your blog.

  3. Please Babajide i am interested in this recharge card biz please where can i get the softwares and other necessary things to start From Frank

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What Do I Need To Start Printing Recharge Vouchers In Nigeria?

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