Is Recharge Voucher/Card Printing Legal In Nigeria?

Despite the fact that the GSM industry has become generally accepted and almost indispensable, some people still doubt the authenticity and legality of the recharge voucher business in Nigeria. As a result of this, I find it necessary to come up with this article to let you know that the business is as legal as any other legalized business you can think of in this country.

Gone are the days we need to sweat in order to get NITEL lines, gone are the days when ONLY financial institutions trade FOREX. Gone also, are the days when ONLY millionaire major dealers have the right to printing recharge vouchers. Thanks to the emergence of computers,softwares and other communication technologies.

Before now, it is only the major dealers in the telecommunication industry that have the right to print recharge vouchers. These dealers have to pay millions of naira and followed stringent rules to become dealers that can print vouchers and sell to sub dealers who in turn sell to marketers and finally to the consumers. However with the advent of certain software’s, internet and computer, this has now changed.

The recharge voucher printing business has become accessible to everyone. Thanks to the boom in computer and communications technology. Ordinary people like you and I can now participate in the trade easily without any fear of having license to do it or not. The major dealers have their license obtained from the telecommunication companies, while individuals like me get the right to printing vouchers, just by registering under one of this major dealers and indicating your interest in buying recharge PINS from them.

The right to RECHARGE CARDS is vested only on the telecommunication operators in the country such as MTN, ETISALAT, GLOBACOM, ZAIN, VISAFONE etc. while people like you and me can alternatively print RECHARGE VOUCHERS in partnership with some major dealers in the telecommunication industry.

Please not that recharge cards are in hard paper forms with computerized security sealed silver panel containing the PIN numbers for recharging while recharge vouchers are PRINTED ON SOFT PAPERS with no special security features.

Most people think it is a technical field, but to be frank with you, most of the technicalities have now been taken care of by the major dealers who offer different tools to individuals for them to start printing recharge vouchers on their own. Whether there is competition or no competition,GSM products like recharge cards sell themselves and no matter what, you will still have your own share of the market.

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You can watch the video tutorial on how to print recharge vouchers at :

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