How To Configure Nokia Phones To Work With Opera Mini Free Browsing

Do you have a Nokia web-enabled phone and yet, can’t surf the net free ? Well, worry no more because I am ready to share with you how you can configure that Nokia phone of yours to start surfing the net asap.

Well, as far as i am concerned, Nokia phones remain the best when it comes to free browsing using Opera Mini. This is because of the ease in configuring Nokia phones, unlike the complex steps you have to take if you are to configure other phones.

Nokia phones too are of different models. While there are some categories of Nokia phones you can easily configure manually for free browsing, there are some that you cannot configure manually.

For Nokia phones that you cannot configure manually, you can make them browse free, by creating a prov setting with a free browsing IP/Port code and then push the Prov setting to your phone via bluetooth from a PC. There are some websites and wapsites out there where you can create those prov settings. I will be writing extensively on this in one of my future posts.

Today, I am highlighting steps you can take to configure free browsing on a Nokia Series 60 (S60) phone. Not sure if your Nokia Phone is a S60 type or not, do not worry. Just relax and follow the steps…..

Though, the Order of the configuration steps may not be exactly the same in other brands or models of Nokia phone, there are still some data or info you will find handy in configuring other phone models because same or similar settings apply in all phone brands and models.

The first requirement is to get your phone line GPRS enabled.

If you are using MTN, to get this done; type “settings” in a sms (text message) and send it to “3888”. MTN will send you the setting which you can automatically save to your phone by selecting save or apply from the message options. Etisalat is automatic. Once you insert Etisalat Sim card into a web-enabled phone, the settings will pop in automatically and all you just need to do is to save it to your phone. For settings of other networks, read HOW TO CONFIGURE INTERNET ON MOBILE PHONES.

China phone may not be this easy to configure – you may have to set it manually, have someone set it for you or take it to any of the GSM operator’s office  near you. Once this is done or if your phone is already been activated for browsing, just follow the steps below.

From your Nokia phone Menu, Go to Settings > Connection> Access points. Click options and select “New Access Point” Then fill in the setting for each parameter listed below.

Note that some options may apply to you (some may not) depending on your phone model and the settings below is purely for MTN users, though you can tweak it to work with other networks using the configuration settings in the article referenced above.

CONNECTION NAME: This is all up to you. Give the connection a name you wish…You can call it OGBONGEBLOG TRICK….lol
DATA BEARER: Packet Data
USE PREFERRED ACCESS POINT: No or Manual (very important)
Click options and select “Advanced Settings
PROXY: enabled
DNS ADDRESS: Automatic

SAVE and EXIT…..That’s ALL.

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Remember, anytime you have a working code, you can always edit this configuration, replacing the PROXY ADDRESS and PROXY PORT with the one you have, just like the ones I have been posting to this blog. Check around my blog and you will see the link to the latest codes you can use if the one above doesn’t work for you or when it stops working for you.

If you do not want to browse free, you can change the Proxy Address and Port to that of MTN and you are good to go. MTN default Proxy Address is and Default port 8080.

Download opera mini and install. You can download Opera Mini from though you might not be able to access the link via some networks. Just give it a try. You can even pay a token someone in your street, just to install a working one for you instead of wasting your time trying to download it yourself when you don’t really know how to go about it.

Use the search box at sharemobile to find the type of opera mini you want. Download and Install it.
After the installation open the opera mini browser on your phone, you will be asked to select custom source – Select Custom4 (or 5) .

Edit the Custom Setting
Insert “” (where appropriate). You will have the custom server appear like this:  “″

That’s all!  I hope it works for you. If yes, do not forget to join me on facebook for useful daily updates.
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  1. am using china blackberry and a using Etisalat and zain and i need the configuration setting pls. post to me so that i can do it my self.


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Download Tor Software For Free Browsing With Configuration