Google Adsense and Google Adwords Explained

If “What is Google Adsense?,what is Google Adwords?” are questions that you are yet to find answers to, then this article is for you. Almost everyone online has heard about the Google Adsense and Google Adwords programs. However, not everyone is clear on what they are, hence the need for an article like this.
It is no more a secret that the easiest, FREE way of making money on the internet is via GOOGLE ADSENSE. I said FREE because you can start making money via the program even with a FREE BLOG/WEBSITE with you NOT paying a dime for registration. Many people have heard stories or seen screenshots of people making outrageous amounts of money with Adsense. However, you need to be aware that Adsense is NOT some get rich quick scheme and it takes a lot of time and effort to earn a good income with it.

Hence, if anyone tells you to pay for a secret on how to get rich OVERNIGHT, making thousands of dollars via Google Adsense program; please, take off your shoes and RUN….lolz

Many people confuse Google Adsense with Google Adwords. Adwords allow you to advertise your site via pay per click advertising on the Google search engine. Google Adsense allows you to display advertising on your blog or website and earn money from the clicks on the ads. When you put Adsense on your website or blog, you are basically displaying other peoples Adwords ads on your website or blog and earning money from them.

At the most basic level, AdSense is a service run by Google that places ads on websites and blogs. When you sign up to AdSense, you agree to take the ads that Google gives you and receive a fee each time a user clicks on that ad. The ads themselves come from another Google service: ADWORDS. Advertisers submit their ads to Google using the AdWords program. They write a headline and a short piece of text. The advertisers then decide on how much they’re prepared to pay for each click they receive on the ads. Google then decides where to put those ads. Most websites/blogs online display these ads and I hope you can easily figure them out whenever you visit a website or blog.

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Note, a publisher is someone that displays Google ads on his/her website or blog, in return for money while an advertiser pays Google some money for Google to help in advertising his/her product or services.

So, an advertiser that has a website selling ebooks might create a text ad or an image ad. The advertiser might then say that he’s prepared to pay $1000 a month for his advertising budget but not more than $1 for a click. He can be certain now of getting at least a thousand leads a month. Google will figure out which sites or blogs suit an ad like that and put them where they seem fit, charging the advertiser up to a dollar a click until the advertiser’s budget runs out. (Of that dollar, how much the publisher receives is a Google secret). 

When an advertiser signs up to AdWords, he has no idea where his ads are going to turn up. When a publisher sign up for AdSense, he also has no idea how much he is going to be paid for the ad space on his page. If you are a publisher, you must be aware of the fact that Google decides the kind of ads to be displayed on your blog depending on some factors. Google also decides whether to give you ads which could pay just a few cents per click or ads which could pay a few dollars per click.

As a publisher; a website or blog owner, every time a visitor of your site clicks on one of the ads displayed by Google; you earn a piece of the profits. What’s so great about Adsense s that it allows you to turn every page on your site or blog into an income generating page.

I hope this helps…

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. Good day Mr Jide, Pls I am interested in getting the 3 ebooks. The recharge card package and the 25 ebooks I bought last week have really been helping me a lot. Can't wait to add these 3 to my library…I will send you a text message now.

  2. Thanks 4 ur info!! U ve actually taught me alot. But i will like 2 ask u one question. Assuming i receive my check 4rm adsense, how can i deposit it into my bank account or how can i use it?

    • Just take it to the bank where you might have opened your dorm account. You will fill the dorm account deposit slip with the details on the check. You submit the check and the deposit slip. Then wait for like 21 days for the money to reflect in your dorm account.

  3. Pls bro jide must i put my account details when applying for google adsense from the start? I mean must i register my account details at the start when applying for adsense or i can put it later as i may desire ?

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