NYSC Orientation Camp:Basic Things You Need To Take Along With You

Based on my experience as regards to the National Youth Service Corps, I have decided to share with you, the basic things you need to take along to the orientation camp. Just sit back,relax and read on….

On getting to the Orientation camp, the first thing that you will have to do is to get registered. This is very essential for you to be admitted into the camp. During the registration exercise, you are expected to provide the following:

* Your Final Year Student ID card
* The Notification Of Result from your higher Institution (ORIGINAL and  photocopies)
* Passport Photographs (You might not need more than 4 copies but  its better when you have many copies with you)
* NYSC Call Up letter (ORIGINAL with photocopies)

During the registration exercise, you will be given some documents, which you will have to fill, attach your passport photographs and submit to the necessary officers. The documents are easy to fill and should in case you don’t understand some part, I bet you will see some people on ground that will surely help you out.

If you don’t have your final year ID card, Notification of result and call up letter with you, don’t be surprised if you are sent back home. So, get them handy. It’s better if you go with many photocopies of those stuffs because if photocopying machine is not yet available at the camp during the time of your registration, you will be forced to go to town to get them done. Will it make sense to you, if you spend N200 on motorcycle transportation all because of N50 worth of photocopies? Just think about that. Trust me, once those Okada men see that you are a new OTONDO, they will charge you so high and you been a stranger, am sure you might just have to pay them.

Once you complete your registration, you will be issued your STATE CODE, which will be your unique code all through your service year.With this code, you will then go ahead to claim your mattress and your NYSC kits.You will then be directed to your hostel where you will stay all through the Orientation exercise. Once you locate your hostel, the bunks might be labeled, in that case, find your bunk and get settled. You can then put on your NYSC kit, and you are then good to SERVE YOUR FATHERLAND.

Jide Ogunsanya in his NYSC kit, climbing down the hill during the endurance trek

During your stay in camp for three weeks, you are not expected to put on any kind of clothing EXCEPT the NYSC kits that will be supplied to you. You will not be allowed to put on any shirt whatsoever, likewise, you will not be allowed to put on any other shoe, other than the JUNGLE BOOT or the white canvas that will be supplied to you. Hence, don’t disturb yourself packing all your wears to camp UNLESS you have decided not to travel back home after the orientation exercise.

Nevertheless, you can just take few wears along with you, should in case you just feel like dressing differently to church/mosque services. On such occasions, you MIGHT be allowed to be in muftis. More so, you can take along with you, white shirts and shorts and probably white footwears to serve as alternatives for those that will be supplied to you on camp. You might have to buy these on camp at high prices from MAMI MARKET ( this is the nickname for the temporary market at NYSC camps), should in case the kits that will be supplied to you DISSAPOINT you after few days of putting them on.

Having extra white vests/shorts will also relief you from having to wash the 2 pairs that will be supplied to you, every day. Trust me, once you go to that field in the morning for all those PARADE STUNTS, on retiring back to your hostel later in the day, the white would have turned WHITER…lol.

In addition, it is better if you go along with your cutleries, though you can easily buy them from MAMI market. You will need also need to get a big waist bag which you can tie round your waist. This will come handy during parades, exercises and even during the endurance trek. During my time, I went to camp with one that was big enough to carry my money,my phones and even a bottle of table water with some biscuits (…smiles). Look at the picture below, and see what I mean.
Jide ogunsanya, jogging with otondos
If you want to live large on camp, definitely, you will have to go along with some good cash.Your first allowee will be paid to you on camp, mostly during the last week of the orientation exercise. You will also be paid your bicycle allowance.

If you are the SWAGGA guy type, be ready to spend good cash on some ladies that will be dragging you to MAMI MARKET all in the name of fun which might end up with you not getting anything back from them all through the camp period. So, it’s better you WISE UP and don’t go to camp to turn to a LOCAL MAGA. Just a piece of advice though….

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If you have a digital camera, you can also take it along with you because you will definitely have lots of scenes to snap and events to record. Your camera phone will also do the work for sure,just get a big memory card handy. You will see photographers on ground but trust me, those guys can drain your wallet within a twinkle of an eye if you are not wise enough, as they are so good in snapping shots you might find hard to resist from paying for.

On the day of passing out, those photographers give out pictures at very cheap prices, that’s why some Corpers prefer waiting for the last day before collecting their pictures. This trick works best with personal pictures because GROUP pictures are always on demand and you might not get a copy of such on the last day.

Don’t forget to carry your MOSQUITO NET along with you if you have one. No need of going to camp with your laptop, for security reasons. Leave it at home and you can later go home to carry it to your place of primary assignment, after your orientation camp.
More so,Series of organizations and individuals will come to lecture you on diverse topics,hence try and get an exercise book handy too because you might need to write some stuffs down during such lectures.
A scene during a lecture
Just pray there is GPRS service at your camp, if not you might not be able to access the internet for the whole 3 weeks. If there is at least GPRS service, with your web enabled mobile phone, you should be able to keep in contact with your loved ones, keep surfing the web, posting updates on facebook and also sending me updates on how you are coping at camp.

If you don’t know much about the state you are posted to, I strongly advice you to start asking people for info about the place. Such infos will be of great value to you. More so, I highly recommend you travel as early as possible, so as to be on the safer side.

Well, let me stop here for now….With this article of mine, I am optimistic that you are good to go. Just abide by the camp rules, and you will definitely enjoy your stay on camp. There are many fun activities on camp and am sure you will find them interesting. Such activities include parade, sports, drama, broadcasting services, Mr Macho, Beauty Contest etc.  You can also be catching your fun in the kitchen just like me, as shown in the picture below. (……bet you will now be assuming that I love food so much;anyway, I do..lol)

Jide Ogunsanya In the Kitchen
Jide and His Platoon Football Teammates after emerging champions of the football competition.
Platoon Representatives posing during the Beauty Contest
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I will also be sharing with you how I leveraged on my innovative and ICT skills to emerge as Anambra State Merit Award recipient and also the Most Innovative Corper in the Loal Government where I served,precisely,Idemili-North LGA
. Jide Ogunsanya Receiving Anambra State Award

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Cheers !!!.

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  1. l love u for giving us this information.pls Jide,this nysc allowance is it paid to ones bank account or giving to person by hand and also I have not collected my waec certificate,does it matter if i go with my statement of result.

  2. Thank dude, i swear i needed this info. After schooling in the UK for 7yrs, i feel lost not only to be coming back home but also to be involve in this nysc stuff. Thanks alot men…ur a star. Nuff Love

  3. @Dresmith..its a pleasure bro
    @Dboy..U can make real money in the camp buy selling anything u sure will sell and maybe offering services like photography
    @Chudi.. Just come home and do the NYSC thing and u will love it bro, though might be frustrating if deployed to the jungle..lolz

  4. Omo baba Ogunsanya okare laye re. Mo gbadun e gan lopolopo. Oluwa atunbo ma fun e ni ogbon, oye, ati imo ni gbogbo ojo aye re.
    Emi ni tire nitoto,
    Adetony ore re ni facebook

  5. Thank's for your advices you have said it all, your pices of information has help me so much, to the other side please tell me how you make money while you were serving our father's land, for am in love with that world. tion has help me so much, to the other side please tell me how you make money while you were serving our father's land, for am in love with that world.

  6. during my Youth Service, I was making money doing my online stuffs. Blogging and selling info products. I make some money as personal tutors for some students and also as a tutor at some JAMB evening coaching centres.

  7. tnks a lot for d info.dnt understd wat u mean by final yr student id card.my sch id card was retrieve from me by d school during my final school clearance,pls clarify.

    • Just take your CDS activities very serious and come up with an outstanding project, making sure you are carrying your CLO, A.I, Z.I all along. I will share more info about this in a post soon.

  8. Nysc can eat a dick….and bitches who think they can drain me…can also eat a dick…for me..ama live large…don't care bout nobody…me and broke niggas don't get along…anyway thanks for the shitty advice…

  9. pls want to know if i will be allowed with photocopies of statement of result cant find my original am really disturbed

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