Tips On How To Increase Adsense Earnings

While reading through my feeds list via my feed-reader, I stumbled across a post by Google on how to improve your Adsense implementation. If you can implement the suggestions, then, I am sure you will notice increase in your Adsense earnings in the long run. The Google optimization tips are highlighted below.

First, note, that you’re allowed to put three standard AdSense for content ad units, three  Adsense for content link units, and two AdSense for search boxes on each page of your site.  Even if you try to add a third “Adsense Search box”, it will never appear on your blog/site because you can only display a maximum of 2 on any page.

Choose the right ad units for your pages.

As a general rule of thumb, wider ad units perform better because they:

  • Are easier for users to read and interact with
  • Allow more ads to be displayed within a unit
  • Are preferred by advertisers designing image or video ads

Also, remember to opt in to display text and image ads, as this increases the pool of advertisers competing to appear on your site.

Improve your AdSense implementation by increasing ad coverage on your site.

  • Put ads on pages that don’t currently have any, as this increases the chances of monetizing your site’s traffic. This is especially true for the high traffic areas of your site.
  • Google’s data shows that placing ads within the page content or article text, or near the navigational areas of your site, can strongly increase ad performance, since it gives your users relevant ads alongside the great content that they’re used to.
  • Use link units to monetize the smaller areas on your site.
  • Above all: the most effective change you can make is to put at least one ad unit above the fold — the section of the page users see without scrolling down.

If you look around my blog ( very well, you will see that I have implement the tips, hence, the reason why I receive Google’s check every month..

I hope this info helps….

Remember,  NEVER CLICK ON YOUR ADS. More so, Make sure you read and abide by the Google Adsense Policies or else, Google will ban you for life once Google detects foul play from you.

Don’t be deceived by some folks posting pictures of outrageous earnings because you might earn thousands but Google might not pay you once its time for them to send you the cheque,IF THEY DETECT FRAUD IN YOUR EARNINGS.

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Even if Google detects the fraud after your cheque might have been sent to you, Google can still cancel it and by the time you take it to the bank, you will be told that the payment has been canceled. So, BEWARE.

Click here to read Google Adsense Policies

Below is a snapshot of one of my Adsense Cheques and a snapshot of my October’s Adsense Payment.

If you have any question to ask or just have anything to say, kindly make use of the comment form below this post.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. wow!…I never knew i could even display up to 6 Adsense for content ads on my blog (3 add units, 3 link units) until i read this post of yours. So, i have been wasting space on my blog for a long time now. I have to go and get busy to use all the available slots now. Thanks so much for sharing this tips.

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