11 Small Profitable Businesses you can start in 2011 WITHOUT Electricity

While browsing through the pages of the SuccessDigest Magazine ( a leading Multiple streams of Income Newspaper in Nigeria), I stumbled upon an article titled “20 businesses You Can Do right Now Without Power Generator”  and I have decided to share it with you. Kudos to Damilola Ibironke for coming up with such a piece of information.

If you have been thinking of what business to do to make extra income, this is the time for you to make up your mind and stop procrastinating.

Out of the 20 ways listed in the article, I decided to share with you, the top 11, which you can actually start this year without suffering from any kind of power supply setbacks.

1. Mobile Boutique
This involves moving around from one place to another, mostly to corporate organizations to show and sell one’s wares. As you move around, carry your wares to show people at their offices, churches, parties, occasions etc. You necessarily don’t need a shop. The need for people to always change clothes makes this business a good one to try.

You could also make it a point of duty to dress well, as people would always ask you where you do your shopping and you simply reply: “I sell them….” You could either get someone abroad to send clothes to you or buy from Lagos Island market or Jos (in Nigeria) . Clothes are relatively cheap in these places.

2. Domestic Services
As a domestic worker, you will be doing all kinds of odd jobs. It involves going to houses to render some variety of household services for an individual or family. It could be providing childcare or elderly dependent services, house keeping, laundry, shopping and household errands.

3. ChinChin/Plantain chips production
Aside from the love of humans to keep on munching something at one time or the other, the traffic condition in some parts of the country has made this business a lucrative one. All over town, you see people selling chin-chin and plantain chips in traffic everyday. You can also sell  at Churches, supply offices and supermarkets and also get hawkers to sell for you in traffic. No matter how many people that are already doing this, if you start today, you will also get your own customers. So, take action.

4. Fresh Fruit Business
There are loads of hot-in-demand fresh fruits you can consider selling to people. There are some who sell to everyday people in the market while some only choose to sell to busy executives. All you need to do is locate where to get your supply and determine your target market.

5. On-the spot Fabric Market Tailoring
If you have ever paid a visit to markets where  clothes especially pants and jeans trousers are sold as well as window cotton materials, you would notice that there are tailors all around the market, waiting for you to buy and make adjustments on your trousers to fit. These tailors are mostly not enough to meet up with the high demand of customers who have adjustments to make on “wait and get” basis. Even if you just have an apprentice experience, this is also an opportunity you can take advantage of. Just position yourself in a  good location in the market and get rolling.

6. Food business
The traffic situation in most part of the country especially in lagos and the need for someone to get to their work place before the resumption time always make a lot of employees and employers to leave houses early, thereby not eating before they leave their homes. This makes them to eat out, during office hours. Hence, if you could package assorted cooked foods, you will realize huge profits from this business of food sales.

7. Ankara Sales Business
With a lot of social activities going on all over town, both weekdays and weekends and with the “aso-ebi” to go with it, the sales of Ankara has become big business. Starting on a small scale, you can buy in bulk from wholesalers and resell.

8. Bread Distribution
people love bread because it is cheap and always available. You can be sure of making regular income from this business without blinking of an eye if you get involved asap.  You can decide to operate from home where people come knocking on your door to buy or you can have a small stall or bread stand within your neighbourhood. You can also go mobile if you have a car to use.

9. Beauty Care products
With the way women crave for beauty care products, one can make a lot of money selling beauty care products. Beauty care products range from jewelries, make-up, body creams etc. Make sure you have an eye for good and quality products.

Sales of Jewelries is yet an extended business under beauty care. You could also have a Nail Salon or do a Make-Up business.  As a make-up artist, you can also sell different kinds of make up eg Mary Kay, Orekelewa, Avon, Mac, Imay Clay etc

10. Food Items Business
Food is necessity of life, so people must eat every blessed day. And people would always patronize a food store to make their purchases. You could sell rice, beans, semovita, garri, wheat etc. This business is very lucrative as their is always a ready market for it.

11. GSM Accessories
GSM phone accessory business has to do with getting involved in the sales of phone packs, chargers, batteries etc. Get them ,sell and make money.

That’s all for now.

I hope you will make maximum use of the business ideas above. Stop wasting time and energy blaming the government for not providing jobs. Take control of your life.

Remember, multi-million business establishments may have started from the scratch but because of hardwork and dedication, small-scale businesses become big.

I hope this info helps..

If you are interested in the full article, get yourself a copy of the Jan, 17, 2011 edition of the SuccessDigest Magazine from the nearest vendor.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. You are the man bro. Thanks for sharing this. I will also try and see if I can get that SuccessDigest Magazine because for you to be reading it, I am sure I have been missing alot then.

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