How to Create SMS Short Codes in Nigeria and Make Money

SMS marketing is now one of the most effective means by which you can spread your message to your target market with ease. This has led to many companies and agencies, using BulkSMS and “SMS short codes” for their promotions.

With a GSM short code, you can make GSM  users to send you some information to a code.  You make money in partnership with the company that issued the code, while you also have access to the phone numbers of the short code subscribers for other marketing purposes.
Below are some examples of how Short Codes can be used:

SMS Competitions e.g. How Low Reverse Auction by Splash FM 105.5
SMS Voting e.g. Big Brother Africa, Nigerian Idols etc
Text 2 Win promotions
Information services
SMS Quiz
Prize draws
Charity SMS donations
Redeemable mobile SMS vouchers
Subscription services
Political Campaigns etc

How Do I get the Code?

You will get the short code from an issuing company once you meet up with the requirements. Short code issuing companies exist in Nigeria and you might have stumbled on some while watching your favourite TV shows. You can contact the companies directly or via third-party agents that you trust.

Types of Short Codes

There are 3 types of SMS Short Code services, they are; Shared Short Codes, Dedicated Short Codes and Multi-Shared Short Codes.

How Much Do I need to Setup SMS Short Code Services?

Dedicated Short Code

Setup fee: N630,000 (Please note: The Price for setup is N 600, 000 while “Make Money Online Nigeria” takes N30, 000). Monthly fee: N100, 000. Setup time: 2-3months

Shared Short Code

Setup fee: N140,000 (Please note: The Price for setup is N 120, 000 while “Make Money Online Nigeria” takes N20, 000). Monthly fee: N15,000. Setup time: 2-3days

Multi Shared Short Code

Setup fee: N60,000 (Please note: The Price for setup is N 50, 000 while “Make Money Online Nigeria” takes N5,000). Monthly fee: N15,000. Setup time: 1 Day

 How Much Do GSM Networks Charge?

Tariff (NGN) Visafone MTN Airtel Glo Etisalat
30.00 NGN 10.930 8.851 14.781 9.851 13.210
50.00 NGN 21.088 18.702 22.018 13.623 21.043
100.00 NGN 30.233 35.334 48.501 24.939 40.340

How Do I Make Money from the short code services?

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How much you make from a short code depends on the agreed sharing percentage between you and the issuing company.  On a neutral ground, the issuing company gets 50% while you get 50% too.

Once a GSM user responds to your GSM short code, lets say with an MTN number, MTN will deduct their own money immediately according to the table above. The remainder is now what you and the issuing company will share based on your agreement during the set up process.

So, if you advertise your short code , lets say in the Guardians Newspaper and about 2000 people respond on N100 per sms, you get 50% from the returns…aint that cool?

How Do I Get Started
To get started, please do the following;
1. You MUST have registered Business Name
2. You MUST be able to show the Proof of Business Ownership
3. You must provide a Documentation about usage of the short code
4. Copyright issue on the idea and bank statements/guarantee might be requested too depending on what you want to use the short code for. If you promise subscribers cash prices, TV etc, with the help of the bank statements, the issuing company will be able to ensure that you can provide what you promised once subscribers respond to your short code.

For instant set up or more info,  Send a mail to Soji: NOT free. 

    UPDATE: Soji no longer offers this service. You can create your via the link below.

In my future posts, I will share with you info on other sms marketing services eg SMS autoresponder, Long numbers, 2way sms, Voice2sms etc

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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