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If you are a blogger using BLOGGER for publishing your blog,  you can change the default dot blogspot dot com address to a dot com web address. Doing this makes your blog stands out of the crowd.
As at the time of posting this article, if you look closely at you will see that it is a BLOGGER blog. The default address was

When I started this blog, nobody was visiting and nobody was even commenting. This didn’t discourage me but made me to get serious with the blog. Then, I decided to start updating the blog with rich content, made sure I submitted it to Google and other major search engine, while also making use of different methods in driving traffic to the blog.

As time passes by, I started to notice people visiting my blog and also commenting on the blog posts. On noticing this improvement, I then decided to change the long blogspot address to a professional one, which is . I bought the domain name last year and it will be 2 years old by September, 2011.

Couple of weeks after changing to, I started seeing MASSIVE improvement in my blog statistics. I guess,many visitors started seeing the blog to belong to a serious blogger (which I am ). Believe me, one of my blog followers (who is scared of online scams) bought one of the info packages am selling on the blog and told me last week that he paid for the package all just because of the way my blog looks. He mailed me telling me it was the look of the blog that convinced him in paying me for the package. Just Imagine that!

Also, getting a dot com address for your blog makes your blog look unique on the web. Lets say for example on Alexa, if you check your Blog rank, using the blogspot address, Alexa will be showing you the Alexa Rank of BLOGGER but if you have your own unique domain name, it will surely display your own unique Alexa rank.

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Having a unique domain name for your blogger blog will go a long way in moving your blog forward and helping you in making more money with your blog.

So, How Do I go About It?

The first thing to do is to check if the name of the web address you want to use is still available. You can do this check at many websites that offer web hosting services.

Once the name is available, you can then go ahead to pay for the domain name.

Thereafter, you will have to change the domain settings of the domain name to that of Google as explained here and wait for some minutes for the changes to take effect.

Thats All.

Can You Do It For Me?

Yes, I can.

Click here to see what to do for me to get it done for you.



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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. I am so glad to read this post. I will send you a text message right now I m highly interested. I have been using the contents from the 25 ebooks I bought from you together with the 20 free ebooks i also got from you in updating my blog and cant wait to change to dot com. I just cant stop reading your blog Mr Jide. Well done sir!

  2. this is right and i prefer that your domain should shows your business type like if a company providing domain registration service so the domain name is best for domain registration company

  3. For some reason, some web hosts have decided to make it impossible for folks to do this on their own. I had to contact my web host to make the change and it took them like 1 week and some days to accomplish the task :-(. Not that it affected business in anyway as the site is pratically dead but I kinda felt that if they couldn't deliver on time, why not allow we the users to make the changes on our own.

  4. @Chukwudi.. It all depends on the webhost. I know of a popular web host here in Africa who wont give you access to do it by yourself unless you pay extra money for it while there are some web hosts who give you full access to change your dns settings. So, before you pay any web host, you must first ask them if they will give you full access to be able to change the dns settings of the domain name by yourself…

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