How to configure Nokia C3 to browse internet with Globacom Internet bundles

In this tutorial, I am going to explain to you, how you can manually configure your Nokia c3, so that you can browse the internet using Globacom Internet Subscriptions e.g. Always Micro; which costs N1, 000 for 150MB as at the time of publishing this post. 

Unlike MTN, Etisalat and Airtel, Globacom Nigeria has different access point names (APN) for different internet services.  If you want to use Globacom Internet Bundles with your phone ( irrespective of the model or maker) , you must make sure you configure your phone to use :

gloflat as the APN,
flat as the username
flat as the password

If you can configure your phone to use those three parameters as the default web/internet settings, then you will be able to browse the internet with your phone using Globacom bundles.

So, How DO I Configure Nokia C3 ?

Just follow the steps below to get your Nokia C3 manually configured.

Access Point Configuration

From your Nokia c3 Menu, Go to Settings ; Configuration. Scroll down till you see “Personal Settings”. Select it.  Then click on “Options”, select “Add New”. Choose “Access Point”.  You will see : “Account name” and “Access Point Settings”.  Enter “GloAPN” or any name as the “Account name”. Thereafter, Select “Access Point settings”, then “Bearer settings”.  You will then see a list of settings you can change.  Just edit them as listed below:

Packet data access pt = gloflat
Network type = IPv4
Authentication  type = Normal
Username = flat
Password = flat
Once you are done, just select “Back” 3 times.  You should see the new APN you created in a list under “Personal accounts” with a G-like icon.

Activating the Access Point

From your Nokia c3 Menu, Go to Settings ; Connectivity ; Packet Data. You will see: “Packet Data Connection” and “Packet Data Settings”. Set “Packet Data Connection to “Always Online” . Then select  “Packet Data Settings”. You will see: “Active Access Point” and “Edit Active Access Point”.  Select “Active Access Point”  and you should see a list of Access Points. Just choose the one you created above ( which I named GloAPN as explained above) and select “Activate”.

Web Settings Configuration

From your Nokia c3 Menu, Go to Settings ; Configuration. Scroll down till you see “Personal Settings”. Select it.  Then click on “Options”, click “Add New”. Choose “Web”.  You will then see a list of settings you can change.  Just edit them as listed below:

Account Name = Glo  ( This can be any name)
Homepage = ( This can be any web/wap url)
Username = flat
Password = flat
Use preferred access pt = Yes
Once you are done, just select “Back”. You should see the new Web Setting you created in a list under “Personal accounts” with a ball-like icon. Thereafter, highlight the Web setting, select “Options” and select “Activate”.

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Phone Configuration

From your Nokia c3 Menu, Go to Settings ; Configuration.  You will see: “Default config. settings” , “Default in all apps” , “Preferred Access Point” and “Personal Settings”. Just edit them as listed below:

Default config. settings =  choose “Personal config”
Default in all apps = Yes
Preferred Access Point = choose the Access Point created earlier ( GloAPN)
Personal settings = Just leave it the way it is

Configuring Your Phone’s Web Browser

From your Nokia c3 Menu, Go to “Internet”. Scroll down till you see “Web Settings”. Select it.  Then scroll down to “Configuration Settings”. Select it. You will then see: “Configuration” and “Account”. Select “Configuration” and choose “Personal config” from the list.  This simply ensures that your phone’s browser uses the “personal configuration” you created manually.

That’s all.

If you insert a Globacom SIM with active Internet bundle subscription into the phone, you should be able to access the internet.

If you do not know how to subscribe to Globacom Internet Bundles, read:

If you have not activated your SIM card for internet, kindly read:

I hope it works for you.

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  1. Well done Oga Jide. I have been having problem configuring Nokia phones to work with the Glo bundles but with this eye-opener of yours, am good to go. Thanks for this

  2. Wow!!! Thanks!!! You've made everything clear here! You directed my from 2go to this blog. And i think i've got what i need here. The little problem i have is that my phone is not showing the gprs/edge symbol at all. How do i do it? I use a nokia 5130xm

  3. @Joseph..glad you now know how its been done. Cheers!

    @Jeynuwa… Glad to see you come here from 2go. well, once you subscribe to internet with the Glo SIM, the GPRS/EDGE sign will come up. You can try it with the Always Day bundle. See: for the different Glo internet plans.

  4. i have a nokia e72 n have tried everything possible to browse on glo network with it but havent been able………….is it that u must have a subscription plan b4 u can browse with glo or cant u browse normally without a subscription………….when u insert d sim all d available glo settings automatically comes with d sim card…………..glo3g, glo direct,glo mobile internet……….i have credit in my phone n have tried all access points and none has ever worled i have repeatedly called customer service n they said they will get my line activated and that the will check but up till date i havent been able to browse……….is there anything u can do or advice me to do cos i want to browse with glo on my samsung galaxy s but it just has to work with my nokia first…..thanks a lot

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