Recharge Cards/Voucher Dealers In Nigeria (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL ,ETISALAT etc)

 UPDATED : 2015


You can watch the video tutorial on how to print recharge vouchers at :

Baffled of where to buy bulk recharge PINS/vouchers of MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT etc in Nigeria, at cheap rates?…Sit down and relax….

There are many dealers out there from which you can be buying your Recharge PINS of ALL networks. You are going to be dealing with these major dealers and NOT DIRECTLY with MTN, GLO, AIRTEL etc UNLESS you too want to be a MAJOR DEALER.

Before going further, I hope you have read the articles below, if not kindly read them before you continue with this article.

What Do I Need To Start Printing Recharge Vouchers In Nigeria?

Making Money From Printing Recharge Vouchers In Nigeria

How To Print Recharge Vouchers With A Free Software

So, let’s ride on….

For those who are ready to go into the Recharge Voucher printing business and start making extra income with a start-up capital as low as N10, 000 or more, I have taken my time to compile a bumper package which will get you on the successful track instantly.

This package basically contains:

** A FREE SOFTWARE that you can use to start printing recharge Vouchers of all networks, though you still have to order for PINS.

** A simple to understand USER GUIDE with pictures on how to start printing recharge vouchers.

** Complete Infos of the Major Dealers In Nigeria from where you can be buying recharge PINs you will be printing on papers.

** Great Marketing ideas to help you succeed with this hot, lucrative business. This is the most challenging aspect of voucher business because, it is not the number of recharge vouchers that you can print in a day that matters but the number of vouchers you can sell on a daily basis.

This package also contains information on:

** The names of the dealers or companies you can choose from, their contact addresses, phone numbers and websites addresses of those that have websites(Not all these dealers have websites).

** The range of prices the different dealers are selling recharging PINS of all the different networks.

** The contact addresses of the dealers that require you to have access to computer and those that do not.

** How you can still patronize dealers that will require you to have access to computer without you needing to buy your own computer and subscribe for personal internet.

** How you can make your business name and address appear on each recharge voucher you print.

** How you can reprint a faded, skipped or any lost voucher during or after printing…..and MANY MORE.

(This is a snapshot of how the free software and its userguide will be attached to the Dealer’s package that you will receive) 

The STEP BY STEP USER GUIDE, (including pictures) contained in this package, will guide you through printing your first batch of recharge vouchers. The guide is so easy to understand to the extent that a junior secondary school student you trust can be helping you with the printing of the vouchers when you are busy taking care of some other businesses. By the time you follow the simple steps in the guide, you will be able to print recharge vouchers similar to the one below:

By the time you digest the package and start the business, you will find out that within some weeks, you will be profitable and smiling to the bank. Besides, it is a skill that stays with you for the rest of your life. The package is like giving you the map to a goldmine and if you try as much as possible to get the package, am sure you will forever be grateful for the opportunity to discover the goldmine.

The package is NOT FREE OF CHARGE.

The package worth N5, 000 considering the fact that it is like giving you the secrets of printing money forever but I want to prove to you that I am not greedy but just want to help considering the current harsh economic situation of the country . So instead of selling at N5, 000 like my friends advised me to, which is still a good bargain considering thousands of Naira people keep paying at SEMINARS, I have decided to sell it low at N1, 000 to the first 100 serious Nigerians that order for the package. After selling to the serious 100 Nigerians, I will then increase the selling price of the package to N2, 500.

Now, that means there will be a rush for the package. With thousands of people coming from different search engines, forums, blogs etc; to read this free article in its first week of publication, I am sure all 100 spaces will get filled up within two weeks.

SO HURRY NOW AND MAKE YOUR ORDER. If banks could be interested in having a share of this lucrative business, SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

How Do I Pay?

To order, you have to pay N1000 to any of the accounts listed here .

After payment, you will have to send a text message to 07062918898 about your payment details and your email address where the package will be sent to. Once your payment is confirmed, you will get your package asap,delivered right into your inbox.

CAN’T MAKE IT TO THE BANK OR NOT CHANCED TO GO TO THE BANK,  text me and I will tell you the alternative way you can get the payment across to me..

EMAIL: jide AT

The first 100 Nigerians to place their order for the package will get a full resale right to sell the package which means they will get the rights to sell the package and keep the money to themselves 100%. That means if you buy the package for N1, 000 and sell it at the same price, you only need 500 sales and you would have made N500, 000. How easy it is to make money in Nigeria from Information Marketing.

No matter how worsen the economic crisis might be, people will continue to buy phones, buy recharge vouchers and make calls, so what are you waiting for to tap into this hot business.

Feel free to use the comment form below this post in asking me any question you might want to ask.


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. For those still wondering about the current price, as at today, though with over 450 copies sold, I AM STILL GIVING IT OUT FOR N1,000.

    I will increase it to N2,000 once the reaches 600 copies.. So, ACT NOW!!

  2. my name is junior pls i will need this software for printing recharge card.
    here is my email

  3. Hi jide i try to search for the dealers web site and address but still bring to ur Blog, is it till i purchase the software i wont be able to the dealers site.

  4. hi am not intrested in printin, but want to buy and sell in bulk to retailers. so pls tell me hw to go about that and who to contact

  5. jide, ur acticle was so interested and marketable. am interested. i need ur contact cos i need to speak with u in me via am an EBSU student,

  6. hello Babajide am interested in the printing of recharge card and i need the software ……… do i go with it you can email or call me on timsonboy07@yahoo, ,07083246755,07068823039..

    i will be expecting your reply asap .

    Surulere Lagos

  7. Hello Jide u too much i need the sofware, i want a dealer with the lowest price my emai is



  8. jide, can i see u in person tomorrow for the software and also put me thru as regards the printing?
    my mail is
    pls reply asap.

  9. good afternoon,i am interested and planned starting next week,pls i live in delta state,how can i meet u 2 discuss abt it in details?dis is my email,i wil call u later 2day.

  10. pls jide when are u going to send me the software for printing rechard card voucher my email is : my number:08066632115. pls i will also like you to send me all the info thati need for pin and the minimum amount i will have to get b4 starting the printing. pls i will really appreciate it if you can send it to me as soon as you can. 10x

  11. hi,mr jide, im so impressd,And for once i jst want 2 trust a fellow naija man.i'll send the money asap nd i hope i dont regret name is Afeez, tel num 08065899889

  12. I am interested in this package what is the alternative form of payment you talked about, my email is and my GSM no is 08023079519. Expect your reply soon. Thanks. Ajao

  13. pls i need to start this business in your hand,so i need the software,pin and how to use it.i will start it with #15000 my e-maill,phone number.07061836438

  14. hi, i would like to purchase the package. is it still available. i need it immediately because i already have my capital to start the me on

  15. Do u stil have it in stock now and how much is it.i need the whole package,how much will that be or is it still 1000? pls contact me on i buy @ N93<how much do i then sell it to wholesalers or retailers knowing fully well that it's being sold for N100 outside.then how much does the other higher values go also do i get the pins?

  16. Goodday, aw are u doing? Please how can i get the lists of the PIN dealers in Nigeria? Please can i get it forwarded to my email address.(dejisonuga@gmail)

  17. @Jide…..I am Vincent and i will like to work with you , i will also be happy to add my qouta to this lucreative business of yours, i will wait to hear from you ASAP.
    Here is my email >… or number 07030722445

  18. Goodday, aw are u doing? Please how can i get the lists of the PIN dealers in Nigeria? Please can i get it forwarded to my email address.(

  19. Hi bros can u pls send me the list of major recharge card dealer,i'm 4rm Oyo state nd i'm ready now 2 start d biz my e mail add. Is biolabright

  20. Hi bro Jide, i've attended d seminar since 2009. i tried my best to get a laptop but unfortunately i couldn't get it. but now with d help of God i've a connected laptop and i'm ready 4 d business.pls put me tru my e-mail address is, phone no 07038903973 4rm Ibadan,Oyo state. Thanks

  21. Is it still posible to get the pakage now at N1,000.00? is it secure to make payment to the account listed? from Joseph E.O.G
    Kindly reply to my email or 07053075297

  22. Hi mr jide,l want to do it and i didnt hav printer yet bt hav laptop.i want u to email me on how much am goin to see d printer so i can decide on wat to do pls email me or


  24. Helo i am intrested,please can u sent me the software and names of authorize/authentic dealer @these email:

  25. am very much interested in this business. send me necessary information. my E-mail is My location is Enugu

  26. bros am interested in the business. pls tell me what i need to about the business, the necessary steps. my email: Thanks.

  27. @ jide, fantastic post you got here. i a'redy hav the software but i need the list of dealers. pls can u forward their contact details to my email address my cell no. is 08153445081. thx.

  28. i am very sorry to ask this question, pleas if i paid the money how long will it take to get the pack and how i can not get the wrong pin from the dealers

  29. Jide pls i'm find it difficult to get dealers close to my place. i stay @ Alagomeji, close 2 Yaba. How can u help me?

  30. bros am interested in the business. pls tell me what i need to about the business, the necessary steps. my email thanks.

  31. Mr Jide pls i have the software already, but i'm looking for where to buy pin from.
    I'm Unwana Johnson
    my email is
    My mobile number is 08032077369

  32. Am interested in d stuff, pls i ll need how much u sell d guide n software as at 31st of Oct 2012. Here is my email address . I ll b waiting for your reply. Thnx

  33. Hi Jide,

    I am interesting in this business, can you please send me dealers contact address here in Lagos on my email id


  34. Hi Jide,

    I am interested in this business, can you please send me dealers contact address here in Lagos on my email id and details on hw to go about the whole stuff.


  35. Hello Jide,
    Good afternoon Sir,
    please, I will really appreciate it if you can brief me on how
    to become a major distribution of all the network call time/card.
    my Number is 08027269884
    my Name : Ijeoma Nwoke
    Location : Lagos

  36. Hello sir,

    Please kindly send me procedure on how to purchase printing recharge card software and dealers name email Thanks

  37. I appreciate what you are doing here, I am interested in this. I just sent you a message on your e-mail. Please send me details on how to pay for the software and the guide.
    My e-mail address is

  38. Hello, I want to know more of this Recharge Card Printing Business, Pls. mail me and let discuss –
    Great, Keep alleviating Poverty In Nigeria.

  39. Mr.J,You're doing a great job in the life of nigeria youths, keep it up…
    I need to know the current price for this software and the userguide because i need them(asap)….

  40. Mr J, please i have been hearing of this Recharge Card printing but i never give a chance to it because of fraud in Nigeria but now i need to give a chance for it, can i have more detail and how to get all that needed in printing them. My name is Emmanuel i have a CYBERCAFE base in Porthacourt, my e-mail address is Tel: 07061162955 thanks.

  41. Nice one Jide. Am in for it. My name is Ekom. pls mail me details @ or call 08064354781. Also link me with the cheapest ePin dealer. Tanx

  42. Hi jide. am interested in it from kano state. pls send the detail to or call 08058937980.

  43. Hi Jide, how can I get the software and the contacts of pin dealers who sells at a cheaper rate message me on Whatsapp/call 08163841675

  44. Am interested in printing recharge card, hw do get more info and the package. My whapapp no- 08140048200
    email –

  45. hi Jide, I read your article on printing of recharge card, how can I get the app and the software. I need it asap.
    am ADISA, Olusumbo. Ibadan. ( 08037520378 -WhatsApp)

  46. I have interest in this business, kindly message me. This is my email address:, thanks.

  47. this is a very good blog. please, how can i get a legitimate dealer. i run a cyber cafe, so all i need is a dealer.

  48. hi jide,i need ur software in printing recharge cards and send the list of dealers to my email address, my email is

  49. I want this your software and a dealer or dealers you can RECOMMEND. Please CONTACT ME so that we can discourse further. I wait to here from u.

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