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Lately, most of my friends keep asking me “Jide, are you on 2go“?. Do you chat with 2go messenger?” Sincerely, not until yesterday, I just don’t know what it is all about because I do spend much of my time on laptop and hardly make use of phone applications. Yesterday, I decided to download 2go on my phone. Right now, am loving it too.

What is 2Go?

2go chat messenger is a mobile app that allows you to communicate for free with your friends. It is a network of millions of people where you can setup your profile, meet new people, talk to friends, share files and pictures!

With what I have discovered so far, there is so much fun and I am sure I will be enjoying it the more as time passes by.

You can search friends on 2go via the phone numbers on your phone and you can even use it to chat with your Facebook friends. More so, there are “chat rooms”  you can explore.

2go app logo

How To Download 2go To Phones

From your phone browser, go to or  Fill in your registration details appropriately and follow the steps to complete the sign up process. I recommend you use your phone default browser to download it instead of using opera mini.

How To Add Facebook friends To 2Go

After installing the 2go software on your phone, go to “settings” , then “gateways“. Click on “Facebook” Enter your Facebook username and password login details.

That’s all. When ever your Facebook friends come online, you will be notified and you can start chatting with them.

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NOTE: Your Facebook username is not your Facebook email address. Want to chat with your Facebook friends? Read : How to connect 2go Chat with Facebook

How To Download 2go for PC

If you want to chat with 2go on PC, you will need to install the microemulator to your computer. Once you connect it to your account, you can start chatting on your computer using the emulator. 

Want to install 2go software on PC, Read: How to use 2go on Computer

I hope this helps….

You can add me on 2go and chat with me. Username = ogbongeblog

For more download instructions for 2go, visit:

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. I hv download my 2go but l dont kn how 2 start chating wit friends pls help me out. I luv 2go. sitromike.ating wit friends pls help me out. I luv 2go. sitromike.

  2. I use a blackberry 9300 and m using glo, my 2go doesn't log in even wen m nt on subscription, I've tried d apn stuff itz still d same

  3. I used somebodies phone to open a 2go account and my phone is not a web browsing phone and i want to use a system for 2go browsing, any tome i login my details it will open well and when i click on 2go logo it will show me something like download. When i finish downloading, i try to open it, it will show me security exception what should i do please

  4. hey guy i havent registered at all for 2go and i want to download how i do it.
    Cos everytime i go or .im
    its ask for my phone no. N password and i avnt registered b4 so it says incorrect password

  5. Most of my friends thinks l don't know what's on board,because l'm not in 2go!
    Trying 2 download it but it's kind of difficult & l really need it cause l'm single & ready 2 mingle!!

  6. While downloading the 2go Messenger to your phone, you will be asked to supply your info which will be used to register you. Just download 2go Messenger from the link in the post above and follow the steps..

  7. I was unable to use facebook with my 2go a/c it tells me username and password incorrect and i'm always typing in the correct thing, pls what can i do

    • If your Facebook username is abc, DO NOT enter Just enter abc as the username, then your Facebook password as the password. it will work this way.

  8. My problem is i don't have a single access to 2go and a really want to sign up. all i need is access and then how to start chatting. still i think 2go is really great and inventive

  9. just yesterday i tried to start 2go wit my e5 but i couldnt i put all d details wen i login it shows disconnected wat shld i do?

  10. Am Lydia was registered with 2go but. Forgot. Password I have been requesting it for two months with no reply tried 32120 no reply, please assist am desperate for 2go please Jide.

  11. am finding it dificult to dow
    nload 2go on my phone(Nokia E5). Pls what do u thk I should do about it? Am waitin 4 ur response.

  12. I have connected my 2go with my facebook, it worked for some time. While sending friend's request in facebook, I was told I have been blocked from sending request for 72hours. Even since my facebook friends doest show on my 2go. Please help me out!

  13. Pls av bin unable to access my 2go seems sumone hacked my account….av sent 2go password to 32120 with d numb ai used in registering almost lyk six tymz now nd dey keep deducting money without giving a new password… unhappy hlp me plsssssss

  14. love2 join 2go,work with the company's pc. how can i join using a pc, when accessed by another can allow him/her use their own details?

  15. Pls. I want 2change numba i use 2download 2go 2my new numba am using nw. Cause av lost dat numba. D numba am usin b4 is 08181080742, & my new numba is dis. 08027786108. Y i want 2change it is dat, i cn't receive go credit. Thanks.

  16. Please friends, i'm using Nokia E5-00, i have downloaded and installed the 2go application on my phone, and 2go is my favourite social networking application, But…….to me, the fun is not completely enough, someone may ask why? The reason is this: i can type, preferably copy and paste, but the problem i have is this, after i typed all these words, at the moment i sent them out, i can only read quarter of what i sent out; that one is not problem, what about the ones my friends sent me? If any of my friend should send me any message above 200 alphabets, the rest are not for me because i can't scroll up and read others. But when you come come to other phones, they/you can read as many as they are been sent to you. I have tried downloading other 2go versions, but the problem persist, i keep wondering, is this a technical fault from my mobile device? or the application is incompatible with my phone? but i downloaded it. Please friends, your help is highly needed here. Please my good/cool friends i need your help and prompt replies.

  17. Helloo jide "pls aid+""me """"""I lost my number last month """"since then I can't get 2go credit""""and my star hav reach d master stage"""XO sad abt dis""dn't knw wat to do abt dis''''''I av start thing of changing the line for new. Line bt wana knw you think abt dis ""can I change the old number for new one? Pls jide help me

  18. I lost my phone that I downloaded my 2go with, I bought new phone and new sim and downloaded it back, now I cant buy gocredit… Pls help me out

  19. 2go is having problem to welcome new people to register, can anyone help 2go out? Cz i cudnt find where to register new accnt wen i log on 2 nd Wana help or knw me beta, u ar fri 2 add m, donkay002.

  20. i need help i forgot my 2go password and as ask to send the words 2go password to 32120 that i'll get a reply with new password i did just that and they deducted N30 naira from my account and no password was sent to me, and if i keep sending the sms they keep collecting my money without sending any password. Please help ma number is 08057941449.

  21. pls wasup 2go pip i need ur help with my 2go acct i cannot connet 2 facebook gateway and i dont know y 2ndly can i download 2go on my laptop thank

  22. Hai plzzzzzz I can't download 2go on my BB 8520. Wat do I necessarily need 2 dooooo sum1 help plzzzzz ma num iz 08068047454

  23. hi..i have installed 2go but i cnt log in cause it is rejextng the password and name am creatng..does it nid a sipercfyd nym?help on dat one..

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